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Our patented IIM Call Predictor tool

Every B-School (and IIM) has its own unique criteria when it comes to calling its prospective candidates. Over the years, these criteria have evolved and Career Launcher has crunched the data to develop a tool that can predict, with a reasonable degree of accuracy, the calls that you can potentially receive. Some of the questions which will be asked through the IIM Call Predictor are:

  • Is my profile good enough for the IIMs?
  • What CAT percentile do I need to make it to my dream IIM?
  • Can I get a call from IIM Ahmedabad/Bangalore with my CAT Percentile & profile?

IIM/MBA Profilizer Sample Report

Career Launcher has devised the MBA Profilizer to answer this burning question: Which B-Schools can I get a call from? The MBA Profilizer is an advanced version of the IIM Call Predictor which includes information about the top non-IIMs as well. It shows you which IIMs and other B-Schools you can get a call from based on profile strength as well as gives you an idea about the kind of percentile you would need to obtain in order to secure the call.

Here is what makes CL's MBA Profilizer unique

Comprehensive profile evaluation

Encompasses all factors such as academic diversity, gender diversity and different categories

Analysis of IIM shortlist

Analysis of the top 13 IIMs and their shortlisting criteria based on the latest data

Normalization across boards

Modeling of relative State Board difficulty levels to simulate normalization of X/XII marks

Validated on large sample

Validated against thousands of 2022 IIM call getters to simulate the results for CAT

How the MBA Profilizer works

The IIM Profilizer measures the various factors implemented by different institutes to calculate the potential B-school calls you can receive. Every college has its own criteria for giving candidates calls and these criteria consider a host of factors that have also been included in the MBA Profilizer. Some of the criteria include:

Academic Performance

Work Experience


CAT Score


The MBA Profilizer has been tuned according to the criteria of each college and the weightage assigned to each measure to ensure that you get a more accurate picture of your chances of getting a B-school interview.

The inspiration behind MBA Profilizer

The MBA Profilizer has been conceptualized for CAT aspirants by former CAT aspirants at Career Launcher. The idea behind the tool is to prepare aspirants for what is to come so that they have no false expectations or hopes.

With the help of the criteria implemented by the top B-schools across the years and the data from past students, we can estimate the likelihood of you getting a call from the B-school of your choice. This includes the process of normalizing your class 10, 12, and graduation score, academic diversity, category, etc. The MBA Profilizer simplifies this process by using your details and providing you with a report to show you how much you need to score in order to stand a good chance ofreceiving a call. The IIM Profilizer compares your profile parameters such as category, academics, gender etc. with the eligibility criteria of the IIMs. It then gives the list of IIMs from where you can get an interview call and the percentile required for the same.

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