CAT 2021 Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) Analysis

The CAT 2021 VARC section of Slot 2 continued to be slightly tricky in terms of the questions asked, making it similar to CAT 2020. As compared to VARC of Slot 1, it was slightly more difficult. This was a slightly lengthy section, which was contrary to expectations. There were a total of 24 questions to be attempted in 40 minutes.

5 questions were Non-MCQs (all in Verbal). The RC passages were around ~500 words each. 2 were easy to read. Questions were moderate with tricky options.
Since there were 4 passages, 2 would have been an ideal attempt. 4 would have been a risk.VA was easy, as usual.

Overall, a score of 37-39 can be considered enough for a 99+%ile. All the TITA (Non MCQ questions) should have been attempted, as usual.

CAT 2021 VARC Question-wise Breakup:


No. of Questions (MCQ/non-MCQ)

Ideal Score/ Attempt

Reading Comprehension

16 (4+4+4+4)

12 (with 8-9 correct attempts)

Verbal Ability - Parajumbles


7 (with 5 correct attempts)

Verbal Ability - Summary


Verbal Ability - Parajumbles (Odd-sentence out)


CAT 2021 Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) Analysis

Slot 2 DILR was similar to what was seen in DILR of Slot 1, in terms of LOD. The DILR section had 20 questions distributed across 4 sets (4+4+6+6). DILR went back to CAT 2020 level of difficulty. Again, the number of non-MCQs was 5. 2 Sets (of 4 questions) were manageable in the given time frame.

A score of 29-32 marks can be considered ideal for a 99+ percentile in DILR.

CAT 2021 DILR Question - wise Breakup:



No of Questions

Ideal Attempt

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Bar Chart (DI)



Games & Tournament



Ravi the delivery man


~3-4 questions of 1 out of the 2 sets could be attempted if a student focused on only 1 set. 

Assignment (Value perception of different products)


CAT 2021 Quantitative Aptitude (QA) Analysis

Contrary to expectations, the QA section of CAT 2021 Slot 2 was slightly more difficult than QA of Slot 1. Of the 22 questions, 15 questions could easily be attempted in 40 minutes. The section had 8 non-MCQs. As seen in the Slot 1 QA section, the Slot 2 QA section continued to be dominated by Arithmetic followed by Algebra. And was similar in terms of LOD as well, just a tad bit lengthy making it easy to moderate as compared to CAT 2021 Slot 1 QA section.

A score of 39-42 would be ideal for a 99+ percentile in the QA section of CAT 2021 Slot 2.

CAT 2021 QA Questions- wise Breakup:


No of Questions (MCQ/non-MCQ)

Ideal Attempt

Number System





2 -3




Modern Math



Geometry & Mensuration



Candidates would have done well to maintain their calm and follow the guidelines shared by Career Launcher, in all its sessions. The overall cutoff for a 99+ percentile is expected to range around 97-98, as predicted, pre- CAT 2021.


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