Comparing Quantities-Important Questions

1.  If customers pay VAT to the shopkeeper in addition to selling price, is the VAT a part of profit?
2.  What is the formula to calculate the compound interest.
3.  Anything spend on an item say cost spent is Rs 15 on its transportation. And the item purchased for Rs 100. The actual cost price of the item for the shopkeeper is Rs 85 or Rs. 115
4.  On which amount the overhead charges are added CP or SP.
5.  What should be the sales tax when cost of doll us Rs750 and sales tax is charged 5%. Also find bill amount.
6.  A sum of Rs 10,000 is borrowed at a rate of interest 15%p.a. for 2 years. Find simple interest and the amount to be paid at the end of 2 years.
7.  Mario invested Rs8,000 in a domain. She would be paid interest ar 5% per annum calculated annually. Find: (i) the amount credited against his name at end of third year.
8.  The cost of shoes was Rs. 700. The sales tax charged was 10%. Find the bill amount.
9.  What should be price before VAT of a pair of shoes for Rs 300 including a tax of 10%.
10.  Vanshika got 150 out of 200 and Sakshi got 120 marks out of 180. Whose performance is better.