Comparing Quantities-Sample Questions

1.  a shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for Rs.10 each. However 5 bulbs were fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at Rs 12 each. Find the gain or loss per cent.
2.  A second hand Tv is for Rs 2500. And then Rs 500 was spent on its repair and sold for Rs 3300. Find profit/loss percent.
3.  What amount has to paid to on a loan of Rs 12000 for 1½ years at 10% per annum compounded half yearly.
4.  The population of a city was Rs20,000 in 1997. It increased at the rate of 5% per annum. Find the population of city at the end of the year 2000.
5.  A fan is marked ar Rs 15600 and it is available for Rs 12480. Find the discount given and discount percent
6.  Convert □ as percentage.
7.  What should be the current price of the box which was Rs 25000 last year and it increased by 20% this year.
8.  Find the population of a city after 2 years, which is at present is 20 lakh, if the rate of increase is 5%p.a.