Data handling-MCQ


Multiple Choice Questions
1.    The range of the data: 6,14,20,16,6,5,4,18,25,15, and 5 is
        I.     4
        II.   21
        III.  25
        IV.  20
2.    The class mark of the class 20-30 is
        I.     20
        II.   30
        III.  25
        IV.  10
3.    The difference between the highest and the lowest value of the observations in a data is called:
        I.     Mean
        II.   Range
        III.  Total frequency
        IV.  Sum of observation
4.    In the interval 35-45, 45 is called
        I.     Upper limit
        II.   Lower limit
        III.  Range
        IV.  Frequency
5.    The number of times a particular observation occurs in a given data is called:
        I.     Its frequency
        II.   Its range
        III.  Its mean
        IV.  None of these
6.    Is history which of the following is represented by the heights of the rectangles?
        I.     Frequency
        II.   Class interval
        III.  Class size
        IV.  Range
7.    Tally marks are used to find which of the following?
        I.     Frequency
        II.   Lower limits
        III.  Upper limits
        IV.  Class marks
8.    Which of the following is the probability of an impossible event?
        I.     0
        II.   1
        III.  2
        IV.  None of these
9.    Which of the following is the probability of a sure event?
        I.     0
        II.   1
        III.  2
        IV.  None of these
10.    A coin is tossed. Which of the following is the probability of getting a head or tail?
           I.     0
           II.   1
           III.  1/2
           IV.  None of these
           1.     II
           2.     III
           3.     II
           4.     I
           5.     I
           6.     I
           7.     I
           8.     I
           9.     II
           10.  II