Data handling-Sample Questions

Class VIII Math
Sample Paper for Data Handling
1.   What is the number of students of Class VIII whose marks obtained in an examination are expressed in the following frequency distribution.
2.   The marks scored by 20 students in a test are given below:
        84, 57, 53, 89, 41, 57, 47, 64, 58, 44, 53, 72, 51, 78, 71, 62, 56, 68, 54, 42
        Complete the following frequency table:
        (i)   What is the upper limit of 40–50?
        (ii)  What is the upper limit of 70–80?
        (iii) What is the class size?
3.   Number of workshops organized by a school in different areas during the last six years are as follows:
        Draw a histogram representing the data.
4.   Draw a histogram for the daily earnings of 30 general stores given in the following table
5.   The number of students admitted in different faculties of a college are given below.
        Represent the above information by a pie-chart.
6.   Draw a pie-chart for the following data of expenditure on various items in a family.
7.   The following pie-chart represents the marks scored by a students. If he obtained 540 as total marks, answer the following questions:
        (i)   In which subject did the student score 120 marks?
        (ii)  What is the difference in the marks obtained in Maths and English?
        (iii) In which subject did he get minimum marks?
8.   A die is thrown. What is the probability of getting:
        (i)   an even number?
        (ii)  an odd number?
        (iii) A number between 3 and 6?
9.   What is the probability of a number selected from the numbers 1, 2, 3, ....., 20 such that it is a prime number?
10.   A bag contains 3 blue and 2 red balls. A ball is drawn at random. What is the probability of drawing a red ball?