Rational Numbers-Important Questions

Hots for Rational Numbers
1.  Fill in the blanks:
(i)       The product of a number and its product is _________.
(ii)      The rational number _________ has no reciprocal.
(iii)    The reciprocal of the reciprocal of a number is _________.
(iv)    The rational number _________ is neither positive nor negative.
(v)       _________ is the only rational number which is equal its additive inverse.
2.  Write:
(i)       A rational number which has no reciprocal.
(ii)      A rational number whose product with a given rational number is equal to the given rational number.
(iii)    A rational number which is equal to its reciprocal.
3.  Verify that:
(i)        and are there same
4.  Find:
5.  Find:
6.  Find three rational number between and
7.  Find five rational numbers between and
8.  Find 10 rational numbers between and
9.  Write the rational number represented by the points A, B, and C on the following number line:
10.  The product of two rational numbers is If one of them is then find the other: