Rational Numbers-Sample Questions

Sample paper for Rational Numbers
1.  Associative property is not followed by which type of numbers?
2.  ____ is the identity for the addition of rational numbers.
(a)    1
(b)    0
(c)    � 1
(d)    1
3.  What is the multiplicative identity for rational numbers.
4.  What is the additive inverse of 3/5?
5.  How many reciprocals does zero have?
6.  Write.
(i)       The rational number that does not have any reciprocal at all.
(ii)      The rational numbers those are equal to their reciprocals.
(iii)    The rational number that is equal to its negative.
7.  Give a rational number which when added to it gives the same number.
8.  By what rational number should 22/7 be divided, to get the number - 11/24?
9.  Represent the following rational numbers on the number line. (i) � 3/10 (ii) 8/7 (iii) 1.345 (iv)21/7
10.  If you subtract 1/8 from a number and multiply the result by 1/4, you get 1/16. What is the number?
11.  Which of the following can be expressed as terminating or non - terminating?
(a)    1/3
(b)    -14/15
(c)    -38/81
12.  Find two rational numbers between (i) -3 and 3. (ii) 0 and 1.
13.  Insert six rational numbers between (i) -1/4 and -2/5 (ii) 21/12 and 12/21.
14.  Find two rational and two irrational no between 1/8 and 2/9.