Chemical Effects of Electrical Current-MCQ

Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Multiple choice Questions
1.   Plastic wire is
        a. An insulator
        b. A conductor
        c. Both of these
        d. None of these
2.   Electroplating is based on
        a. Magnetic effect of electricity
        b. Chemical effect of electricity
        c. Heating effect of electricity
        d. Physical effect of electricity
3.   Adding common salt to distilled water makes it
        a. Good conductor
        b. Insulator
        c. No
        d. Both a and b
4.   An electrolyte is
        a. a metal
        b. a solution
        c. a liquid that conducts current
        d. all of above
5.   Copper wire is a
        a. Good conductor
        b. Poor conductor
        c. Both a and b
        d. None of this
6.   Poor conductors are
        a. Plastics
        b. Clothes
        c. Wood
        d. All of these
7.   Distilled water is
        a. Poor conductor
        b. Good conductor
        c. Both a and b
        d. None
8.   Flow of electron is called
        a. Electroplating
        b. Electric current
        c. Electrodes
        d. Electrolyte
9.   Electroplating prevents
        a. Current
        b. Chemical effect
        c. Rusting
        d. All
10.   An electric lamp glows due to
        a. Chemical effect
        b. Magnetic effect
        c. Heating effect
        d. None
1.    A
2.    B
3.    A
4.    C
5.    A
6.    D
7.    A
8.    B
9.    C
10. C