Chemical Effects of Electrical Current-Sample Questions

Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Sample paper Questions
1.   Why it is dangerous to touch electrical appliances with wet hands?
2.   Name substances which make any liquid good conductor of electricity?
3.   Name the part of bulb that glows.
4.   Does distilled water conduct electricity?
5.   Name the gas deposited on negative electrode.
6.   How can you test liquids conduct or do not conduct the electricity?
7.   Explain why a bulb glows on passing current.
8.   What is chemical effect of electricity? Give some examples of chemical effects.
9.   What are the two methods of testing an insulator or conductor?
10.   Write true/False
           a. Rubber is an insulator.
           b. Electroplating causes rusting.
           c. Vinegar can __________ electricity.