Chemical Effects of Electrical Current-Sample Papers

Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Maximum time: 40 minutes
Maximum marks: 20 marks
1.   What is LED? Write its full form. (2)
2.   Write three liquids that conduct electricity. (1)
3.   Define electroplating.(1)
4.   How will you test the magnetic effect of current? ( 2)
5.   Write two useful effects of electroplating?( 2)
6.   Write an activity to show that a liquid conducts electricity.( 4)
7.   How will you test the chemical effect of electric current? (3)
8.   What is a tester? (1)
9.   The ordinary water electricity while distilled water does not. Why? (2)
10.   Why do we need magnetic compass to test the conduction of electric current? (2)