Force and Pressure-MCQ

1.  What is force?
      a. pull
      b. push
      c. push and push both
      d. none of these
2.  What is state of motion?
      a. position of rest
      b. position of motion
      c. both by the state of rest or motion
      d. none of these
3.  The strength of force is expressed by?
      a. weight
      b. mass
      c. magnitude
      d. longitudinal force
4.  The force between two charged bodies is called
      a. muscular force
      b. gravitational force
      c. magnetic force
      d. electrostatic force
5.  When two forces act in opposite directions, then net force acting two forces
      a. sum of two factors
      b. difference bwteen two factors
      c. both of these
      d. none of these
6.  Magnetic force is
      a. contact force
      b. non-contact force
      c. both a and b
      d. none of these
7.  Force acts on an object may change
      a. direction
      b. shape
      c. speed
      d. all of above
8.  Leaves or fruits fall on the ground due to
      a.magnetic force
      b. gravitational force
      c. electrostatic force
      d. muscular force
1.  C
2.  C
3.  C
4.  D
5.  B
6.  B
7.  D
8.  B