Force and Pressure-Sample Papers

MAXIMUM TIME: 40 minutes
1.  Give two examples of muscular force.     1
2.  State any three effect of force.     3
3.  Do liquids exert equal pressure in all direction?     1
4.  Why our lungs expand during inhalation?     1
5.  When a ball is thrown, it stops rolling after some time. Why?     2
6.  Describe various types of force in brief.     4
7.  Derive an activity to show that liquid exerting pressure on the wall of container.     4
8.  Write true or false.     3
a. Force of gravity is contact force.
b. Pascal is the unit of force.
c. The force can change the state of motion of an object.
9.  Prove air has a pressure.     3
10.  What do you meant by force of friction? Also prove force depends on nature of two surfaces in contact.     3