Reaching the age of Adolescence-Important Questions

Reaching the Age of Adolescence
1.  When do noticeable changes begin in human in adolescence?
2.  Do both girls and boys grow on same rate?
3.  Name female hormone.
4.  What is menopause?
5.  What are chromosomes?
6.  What is the name of hormone produced by pancreas?
7.  Which endocrine gland produces the growth hormone?
8.  What do you mean by metamorphosis?
9.  What is the most important change marked by puberty?
10.  Explain the development of sex organs in men and female.
11.  What happens when egg gets fertilized?
12.  Name the virus that causes AIDS. What are the medium through which this virus is transmitted?
13.  Explain the sex determination of a baby in human.
14.  What do you understand by Adam�s apple?