Reaching the age of Adolescence-MCQ

Reaching the Age of Adolescence
Multiple choice Questions
1.  Larynx is called
        a. Voice box
        b. Music box
        c. Respiratory organ
        d. None of these
2.  The egg is
        a. Egg gamete
        b. Female gamete
        c. Both of these
        d. None of these
3.  Thyroxin produced by
        a. Pituitary gland
        b. Adrenal gland
        c. Thyroid gland
        d. Testes
4.  There are__ __ pairs of chromosome in human cell.
        a. 23
        b. 46
        c. 22
        d. All are wrong
5.  Initially girls grow _____ than boys.
        a. Faster
        b. Slower
        c. Both of these
        d. None of these
6.  The period of maturity of reproductive organs is called.
        a. Adolescene period
        b. Mensuration
        c. Gestation period
        d. None of these
7.  Fertilisation is called
        a. To produce sperm
        b. To produce eggs
        c. Fusion of sperms and eggs
        d. All of these
8.  Puberty age in females is
        a. 10-12
        b. 12-14
        c. 8-10
        d. More than 14 years
9.  The number of chromosomes are present in human cell.
        a. 22 pairs
        b. 23 pairs
        c. 24 parirs
        d. 26 pairs
10.  The male hormone is
        a. Estragon
        b. Projestrone
        c. Testosterone
        d. All of these
1.    A
2.    B
3.    C
4.    A
5.    A
6.    A
7.    C
8.    A
9.    B
10. C