Reaching the age of Adolescence-Sample Papers

Reaching the Age of Adolescence

Maximum time: 35 minutes
Maximum marks: 22 marks
1.  What is puberty age? (1)
2.  Name the male and female reproductive part. (1)
3.  Explain the term adolescence in human. (2)
4.  What are sex hormones? What are they named so? (2)
5.  List the changes that take part at puberty age. (4)
6.  What is health? Explain factors which help to keep a good health of an individual. (5)
7.  Draw the well labelled diagram of show location of various endocrine glands in human. (3)
8.  What do you understand by target site for hormones? (1)
9.  What do you mean by menarche? (1)
10.  Write factors that affect height of a person. (2)