• Comprehensive study material
    • Practice questions and solutions
    • 24*7 Online Support for all your queries

    CL's MBA courseware is an exhaustive offering for MBA/CAT aspirants, who intend to do self-preparation. The material is being updated every year based on the changes in the actual examination, and has been a dependable & trusted aid amongst the MBA aspirants. 

    The books and material has been designed to support self-learning.

    Books and Material details:
    • Printed books and material, being dispatched in 4 packets 
    • Concepts explained in detail followed by practice questions both solved and unsolved.
    • Practice questions graded for difficulty level.
    • Online support for doubt handling through email.
    • Material dispatched through reputed courier. 

    Program benefits:
    • Focused and updated study material: The content is being updated regularly and has been prepared on the CAT and other premier examinations, which ensures the learner studies only the relevant topics.
    • Detailed solution for all practice questions ensures that the learner is able to get his doubts clarified.
    • Online Support, ensures that help is available 24/7
    • Time bound delivery through reputed courier ensures less delays and material reaching in good condition.
    • Packetized: This ensures that the learner gets sufficient time to complete the material and is able to plan his studies.

    Please confirm your address at the time of payment for timely dispatch of material.

    Please note the following points in case of availing Offers:

    • Smart CAT Cracker 2021 Students: Enrolled for any Smart CAT Cracker 21 variant worth Rs.9999/- or above