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    Program Features

    1. Comprehensive Study Material
    2. Printed Books & Material
    3. Video Solutions for 750+ questions
    4. Online Support for doubt solving

    Features & Benefits

    CL's MBA Books and Material Comprehensive offers CL’s highly trusted Fundabooks and courseware along with the solution videos for some selected questions.

    Printed books and material, being dispatched in 4 packets

    The questions have been hand-picked by the experts (Video solutions for 200+ questions in VARC, 200+ questions in LRDI and 350+ questions in QA)

    Online Support, ensures that help is available 24/7

    Available fee waivers


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    Studying in CL was extremely helpful for me. The institution has supported me a lot and I would like to thank all the teachers. Their study material along with test series is a top notch which really helps in getting your concepts straight. I would certainly recommend CL to all the CAT aspirants.

    Vinay Jain
    Kunal Bansal
    99.66%ile in CAT

    Aspiration account is comprehensive with abundance of study material. I also appreciate the fact that important classes are beamed live.. The mock analysis are also quite comprehensive. Thanks.

    Praniti Durgapal
    Enroll ID - 60247015

    Not acknowledging Career Launcher's contribution to my CAT score will be criminal. The online materials from CL's site along with the test series proved to be of immense help to me. Also worth mentioning are the one to one sessions provided to students by the faculties.

    Saswata Bhowmick
    Converted IIM-K