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    Program Features

    1. 70 Core Lessons to CAT VARC Mastery
    2. 18 Strategy Lessons for high percentile planning
    3. 8 Expert-Designed CAT VARC Section Tests
    4. 100 Curated Articles with expert commentary for reading skills
    5. 85 Short Test Doses for application of learning
    6. 12 Live Sessions with Gejo for confidence and strategy building
    7. 30 Add-on Lessons for non-CAT Verbal
    8. Exclusive VARC1000 Telegram Group for interaction with Gejo

    Features & Benefits

    Dive into 70lessons intricately designed to build the essential skills you need to ace the CAT VARC section. Every lesson is a step closer to VARC mastery.

    Navigate your CAT VARC preparation with 18strategic lessons. Each lesson brings you closer to a high percentile score by structuring your preparation effectively.

    Enhance your understanding and practice with 8specially designed section tests. These tests, coupled with expert video solutions, are your stepping stones to high percentile scores.

    Engage with 100curated articles; one article is posted each day for 5 days in a week. Each is accompanied by a video offering Gejo's expert take on the article. This feature will help you build and refine your reading skills, a crucial aspect of VARC preparation.

    Apply your learning through 85short test doses, one test posted each day for 5 days in a week. These doses are meant to reinforce the knowledge gained and to assess your progress regularly.

    Participate in 12live sessions with Gejo, aimed at building your confidence and formulating effective strategies for CAT VARC. These sessions will provide you with an opportunity to interact with Gejo and gain insights from his expertise.

    Broaden your preparation scope with 30additional lessons designed specifically for non-CAT preparation. These lessons will equip you with skills that go beyond CAT and are applicable to other similar exams.

    Become a part of the exclusive VARC1000 Telegram group, where you can interact with Gejo, ask your queries, discuss your doubts, and learn collectively in a supportive community.

    Available fee waivers


    Classroom / Online Students of MBA 2023 Program

    5,000 3,750


    Last year VARC1000 Student

    5,000 3,750


    Classroom / Online Students of MBA 2022 Program

    5,000 4,000


    2023 Test Series Student

    5,000 4,500

    Know your Mentors

    • Gejo Sreenivasan (Gejo)



      There is no CAT question that Gejo can't solve and every class with him is power-packed with superb learning, interesting facts, jokes and a lot of positive energy. He keeps the interest of students rolling by presenting the topic through interesting angles. His classes are sure to leave you dazzled.


    The teaching method and comprehensive material for practice were more than sufficient to build my confidence in the VARC section and brought my VARC percentile from 85.6 in CAT’21 to 97.93 percentile in CAT'22. I’d like to thank Gejo sir for the same.

    Nitin Mangla
    CAT'22 percentile 99.89, VARC percentile 97.93 | Converted IIM A, B, C, L, XLRI - Delhi, CAP (All Colleges)

    Gejo sir is witty, intelligent and humorous. He is an excellent mentor because he tries to keep the air light. He is aware of the anxiety his students may experience and makes an active effort to motivate us throughout our journey. The content of VARC1000 helped me to understand how to tackle VARC questions, working with elimination rather than selection. Gejo Sir's constant reminders also helped me in creating a reading habit. Plus, the VARC1000 group usually consists of serious aspirants which led to fruitful discussions in the group.

    Siddhant Shrivastava
    CAT'22 Percentile - 99.87, VARC Percentile - 99.25 | Converted IIM C, L, K, FMS & MDI-G

    Thanks to Gejo sir for being my mentor and helping me get through this process and making it to IIMC. I remember starting as someone scoring 57%ile in VARC in my first CAT attempt and struggling to get even 1 set of RC correct. VARC1000 is truly a blessing as I ended up securing 96.91%ile in VARC this year after joining the course.

    Pratyasha Rath
    CAT'22 Percentile - 99.13, VARC Percentile - 96.91 | Converted IIM C

    VARC1000 is well structured course, the daily article doses and video explanation  were really helpful. Gejo sir’s approach to VARC really helped me to understand the flow of the passage and answer the questions.

    Shashank Shankar
    CAT'22 Percentile - 97.44, VARC Percentile - 96.77 | Converted MDI-G, CAP Colleges, NMIMS Mumbai (HR)