• IELTS Academic Self-paced Comprehensive

    • 20+ Concept Building Video Lessons

    • 500+ Practice Questions in Sectional Tests

    • Comprehensive Study Material for RWSL, Grammar & Vocabulary

    • 10 IELTS Academic Full-Length Mocks

    • Comprehensive Module for Test-taking Strategies

    • One to One Guidance for the University Application Process

    Benefits of Enrolling in Our IELTS Academic Self-Paced Comprehensive

    • Self-paced Recorded Video Lessons for Concept Building
    • Comprehensive Study Material (Hardcopy - Set of 6)
    • Practice Portal for Topic-wise & Section-wise Tests
    • IELTS Academic Full-Length Mocks for Advanced Testing
    • One to One Support for Applications to Associated Universities
    • Access to Student Portal for 1 Year

    Features & Benefits

    Video lessons to build your conceptual understanding on each topic tested on Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.

    Module-wise Practicing on each Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Test.

    Comprehensive Material (Hardcopy - Set of 6) for Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening along with Grammar & Vocabulary Builder.

    Advanced Practicing & testing on IELTS Academic Full-length Mocks.

    University Shortlisting amongst 2500+ associated universities, Guidance for Essays/SOPs, LORs & Application Submission Support.


    In my opinion, I found the IELTS course effective as it really catered me towards understanding the nuances and technicality of the test pattern. Each lesson we would practice exam papers for each component. Moreover, there were one-on-one feedback sessions quite often, allowing us to rectify accordingly. Subsequently, this boosted my confidence to face the exam having gained adequate and required skills. Thus, efficient IELTS scores were translated overall.

    Sriya Srinivasa
    Sriya Srinivasa
    IELTS Score: 7.5

    Overall good experience, more can be told about techniques and question handling

    Aman Gupta
    IELTS Band Score: 7

    My experience with the classes: The classes were very beneficial to me, as they helped a lot in better understanding the format of the tests. As well as finding comfortability with the questions and planning my answers. Having more than one student in the session helped me get a broader view of how other individuals might tackle the exam. It was also a nice experience having people from different areas.

    IELTS Band Score: 8

    The ielts coaching provided by Career Launcher was beneficial and the teacher was also great. I understood whatever she was teaching and few of her tips were really helpful to me.

    Ishaan Jain
    IELTS Band Score: 8