• IELTS Classroom Comprehensive

    • 40+ hours of Classroom Classes

    • One-on-one doubt clearing session

    • Comprehensive Study Material

    • Comprehensive Feedback and Performance Analysis

    • Practice Module - 1000+ Questions

    • 20 Sectional Tests

    • Group Review Classes with Practice Test Analysis

    Benefits of Enrolling in Our IELTS Classroom Comprehensive

    • Work on your weak areas and enhance your strong points through detailed feedback and performance analysis from our faculty.
    • Achieve fluency in your communication with our personalized, one-to-one interview practice sessions and excel in your IELTS speaking test.
    • Overcome the fear of understanding various accents and tackle various question formats in Listening module with ease.
    • Refine your test-taking strategies and become exam-ready with our group review classes and practice test analysis.

    Features & Benefits

    The 40+hours of IELTS classroom classes aim to provide comprehensive and focused preparation for the IELTS exam. Overall, the 40+ hours of IELTS classroom classes aim to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to perform well in the IELTS exam and achieve your desired band score.

    This is a thorough assessment process where faculty members evaluate and provide feedback on student's academic progress, skills, and overall performance. This analysis aims to provide constructive feedback, identify areas for improvement, and support students in their educational journey.

    Comprehensive Study Material for IELTS includes a set of six hard copy books that cover all the necessary components of the IELTS exam, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These books provide in-depth explanations, practice exercises, sample tests, and strategies to help students effectively prepare for the IELTS examination.

    Over 1000questions with sample responses & explanations - Along with IELTS 14 Academic eBooks, you will get access to an Online Practice Module. The Practice Module contains 1000+ questions covering Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing with detailed competency analysis to ensure you ace every module of the IELTS exam.

    During the course, you will be asked to attempt four full-length practice tests and each of these tests will be analysed in the class. This will help you understand your weak areas and seek guidance on how to improve on them.

    One-on-one doubt clearing sessions for IELTS are personalized and focused sessions where an expert IELTS tutor addresses individual doubts and questions of students preparing for the exam. These sessions offer targeted guidance, clarification, and strategies to help students overcome challenges and improve their performance in the IELTS test.

    Get free admission counselling for our partner universities. Experts will assess your documents, set goals for you and guide you during the application, for scholarships and in post admission process.

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