Cloud Labs as a Service (CLaaS)

Cloud Labs as a Service

Cloud Lab as a Service (CLaaS) is an on-demand, virtual environment for students/professionals pursuing technical subjects. It provides the convenience of supplementing classroom learning with access to practice labs anytime and anywhere.

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Benefits of CLaaS

Automated orchestration and governance simplify the provisioning of complex lab environments, while minimizing risk and security vulnerabilities. Integration with leading learning management systems provides users consistent access throughout the learning cycle.

  • 24/7 Access – Anytime, Anywhere
    Users can access these online lab environments from any location, using any compatible device, any time.
  • Avoid Cloud Cost Inflation with Lab Auto-Expiration
    Unutilized lab environments inflate cloud costs. CoreStack® ensures auto-expiration of lab environments, as per preset timelines, avoiding possible cloud sprawls.
  • Reduce Deployment Time by up to 70%
    CoreStack® uses ‘templates’ to automate the deployment of lab training environments of various courses. This helps in quick setting up of lab environments, with pre-installed applications.
  • Increase ROI of Existing Infrastructure
    CLaaS optimizes the utilization of your existing infrastructure. Higher levels of utilization, in turn, lead to increased return on investment.
  • Easy Teardown of Labs
    All work is saved whenever the lab is shutdown. Once students are done with the course, admin can easily do away with the lab environment, paving the way for newer ones.

How it Works?
Integrated Solutions for Educational Institions


Delightful & motivating customer experience

Free your learners and trainers from the burdens of deployment and setting-up of training labs. Invest the time saved in maximizing their learning. Happy learners and trainers will contribute substantially to your business growth.


Support a variety of customized labs

Different training modules require unique labs built using specific services on relevant infrastructure platforms. ClaaS, being platform agnostic, enables you to easily build a variety of robust, scalable, and cost-efficient labs; as well as dedicated (or shared) labs which can be customized as per your branding guidelines and course details.


Optimize costs with automation

Reduce your capital expenditure by shifting to on-demand cloud-based labs. Automate the entire lifecycle — from lab provisioning, monitoring, and reporting to de-provisioning. Optimize on-going costs by leveraging capabilities, such as, automatic scaling, idle time shut down, scheduled start/stop of labs, and back-up retention policy.


Seamlessly integrate with Learning Management Systems

Easily integrate your training labs with any Learning Management Systems (LMS) application that is compliant with global standard, such as Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI). ClaaS also makes leveraging REST APIs for customization a breeze.


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