PaaS/Aspiration Services

PaaS/Aspiration Services

Today, learning is no longer confined within the four walls of the classroom. Accordingly, our artificial-intelligence-based online learning platform, has been developed to add value 24x7 to the 21st century youth and their family.

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Why has been designed to engage the entire family; and systematically build awareness about oneself, career opportunities, colleges, courses, and even hobbies. An invaluable resource for programs, mentoring, and career guidance, it connects student, parent(s), and institute/mentor. It also provides students the opportunity to get certified in high-demand courses that are likely to increase employability chances manifold!

Benefits of

  • Conduct all your classes live online.
  • Integrated with LMS for a unified learning experience.
  • Manage all your marketing campaigns.
  • Fully automated onboarding of students’ registration.
  • Real-world experience while practising.
  • Gamification to make learning more fun.
  • 24X7 availability of labs; accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Data encryption, secure data hosting; compliant with international standards.
  • Customized for access through all devices (smartphones of different screen sizes, tablets, and desktop/laptops).

How it Works?

Aspiration for Students

  • Prepare for a Career
  • Stay Connected with Trends
  • Smart, In-depth AI based analysis & suggestions

Aspiration for Institutions

  • Admission Counselling
  • Conduct Live Classes
  • Placement & Internship training
  • Career Development
  • Integrated Marketing

Aspiration for Mentors

  • Educator's Toolkit
  • Online Training Playlist
  • Question Paper types
  • Subject Videos
  • Articles & Resources

Aspiration for Parents

  • Parenting philosophies, quizzes & reads
  • Engage in self & developmental activities
  • Be involved in your child's career growth
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