Proctored Examinations

Proctored Examinations

A cloud-based infrastructure for remote exams, it allows candidates better access to education, and more flexibility to educational institutions in a cost-effective, scalable manner by doing away with the need for the exam taker to be physically present at the testing facility.

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Why is Online Proctoring Required?

Typically, for educational institutions, testing/assessments fall under four categories:

  • Periodic assessments
  • Semester/Year-end examinations
  • Entrance examinations
  • Placement/Recruitment tests

All the above are conducted in pen-paper mode, in a proctored environment, which in the current lockdown scenario, is a NO-GO.

Additionally, there exist various challenges and concerns amongst institutions, in converting these assessments to an online mode. Some of their concerns are:

  • Are proctored online exams as practical as their offline version?
  • How effective is it to identify unethical practices and avoid them?
  • Do they require any IT Infrastructure investments by the institution?

A practical and secure online proctored assessment/exam offers several advantages over its offline counterpart, some of which are:

1. Students

  • Can take the assessment/test as per the time-slot of their convenience.
  • No commuting to the test center required.
  • Can take multiple assessments/tests.

    2. Institutions

  • Enhances geographical reach (especially for entrance/admission exams)
  • Facilitates regular evaluation of existing students
  • Enables complete coursework even during lockdown
  • Helps in conducting entrance/admission exams, without the need for travel
  • Ensures quicker announcement of results and admission closure

Our Services
Integrated Solutions for Educational Institions


Authenticate and Supervise with flexibility

Whether it is to validate the outcome of a distance learning program, accommodate students with special needs, or organize large-scale assessments remotely (such as, entrance exams), ProctorExam provides reliable identity verification and monitoring options to extend the capacities of your testing facilities.


Set your Requirements

From live proctoring to a simple screen monitoring, ProctorExam offers a large number of settings to accommodate every assessment, including quizzes, tests, or high-stakes midterms and finals using an innovative dual mobile view.


Link your Learning Environment

ProctorExam has been designed to provide a seamless interaction for your students with quizzes and assignments from your LMS or test application. Setting them up requires just a few minutes!


Organize your Entrance Test Online

Offering different levels of supervision, from a fully autonomous and recorded process to on-demand live proctoring experience, ProctorExam provides all the options to supervise candidates in any assessment context.


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