About GRE Classroom Coaching Classes

Your dreams of higher education abroad will come true when you become a part of our GRE Classroom Coaching Classes – a space where every mind is set to illuminate the path toward a successful future. Within the walls of our classes, we help our students push their limits and master the right strategies to achieve a desirable score on the GRE exam.

70+ hours of Classroom Lectures

With our GRE – Classroom Coaching Classes, you get 70+ hours of focused learning, delving deep into core modules essential for GRE success. You also get to put your knowledge into practice through meticulous mock analysis sessions, refining your approach and strategies. The guidance of our highly qualified instructors ensures a well-rounded preparation, honing your skills and instilling the confidence needed to excel in the GRE.

Why Choose CL's GRE Classroom Coaching?

Our GRE – Classroom Coaching program stands out because of the unique ideas behind its creation. We did thorough research on the difficulties faced by aspiring GRE students. We held brainstorming sessions to tackle problems like not getting enough personalized attention and finding it hard to keep up with the training. Our intensive classroom coaching equips students with the necessary tools for their journey to success.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Learning

Dive into an enriching GRE preparation experience with 70+ hours of intensive classroom learning, guiding you towards your full potential and exam success.

Topic Mastery through Workshops

Gain a deeper understanding and mastery over specific GRE topics through 10+ hours of topic-wise workshops, ensuring a thorough grasp of essential concepts.

More Confidence with Doubt Clearing Sessions

Enjoy peace of mind as doubts are promptly addressed via Telegram Group and personalized one-to-one sessions.

Practice for Perfection

Excel with 1200+ practice questions and 7 full-length practice tests, preparing you for the GRE challenges with precision.

Expert Strategy Sessions

Gain valuable insights and strategies tailored to the GRE, providing a competitive edge and enhancing your performance on test day.

One-to-one Mock Analysis

Fine-tune your approach with one-to-one mock analysis sessions, enabling you to refine your strategies and maximize your potential.

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Student Testimonials

Prashasti Nagpal
Prashasti Nagpal
GRE Score: 337

The instructors at Career Launcher knew exactly the right advice to help us get past the potential pitfalls in the GRE prep and examination process. The team is always ready to help, and I really appreciated that during my preparation process.

Swaroop Belur
GRE Score 328

Career Launcher was invaluable for my preparation for the GRE. With the amount of practice i got, combined with guidance from the teachers, i was prepared for anything that came my way during the test. The fact that one of the two AWA questions in my actual exam was the exact same as one we had done in the class shows the quality of Career Launcher.

Akshay Krishnan
Akshay Krishnan
GRE Score: 331

The guidance and coaching i received at Career Launcher helped me in my GRE preparation. Perhaps, what helped me the most was the online Test series without which i wouldn't have been able to identify and correct my mistakes. My performance in these tests gave me confidence during the actual exam.

Vaishnavi Shukla
Vaishnavi Shukla
GRE Score: 339

I owe a great deal of my success in the GRE to Career Launcher. The sessions held for vocabulary & reading comprehension were engaging and comprehensive and guided me towards improving my skills in the language, which proved useful in improving my overall communication skills. The quantitative analysis sessions were resourceful as well and definitely were instrumental in my perfect score on that section in the GRE

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