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Welcome to the 9th edition of the CXO AI and Machine Learning Workshop-Special Edition for Marketing Leaders

Enterprises are re-architecting to meet the demands and investing in modern technology that will enable them to innovate and remain competitive. Big Data solutions are at the heart of many of these investments

In the modern world dominated by data, organisations must change and change fast. To maintain your business position and grow profitability “data sense” must become all pervasive within your Company. For CXOs, it is becoming increasingly important that they cultivate data literacy, which enables then to craft new ways of solving business problems and create the momentum for change. While a data science unit may be a beginning, business managers need to be at the centre of data driven decisions at every organisation.

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that ML domain belongs to you, the business leader, more than the CTO.  Ask any successful CEO of a great new era start-up or even traditional company that has successfully crossed over into the digital era. It is the CEO or CXO who drives the priorities and the ML projects as a part of business agenda. 

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CXOs should attend the program to:

Having trained over 100 CXOs across India, CL Educate now brings a special edition of the CXO Workshop on Machine Learning/AI specially curated for marketing leaders.

Today, AI and Machine Learning is extensively being used in the Marketing and Sales, globally:

  • Optimising Segmentation and Targeting
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Predict customer churn
  • Cross selling or upselling strategies with help of recommendations
  • Enhance customer experience with Intelligent chat bots
  • Predicting marketing RoI
  • Predictive lead scoring, sales forecasting

Exclusively designed with Marketing and Sales professionals in mind, our AI/ML Retreat is focused on imparting knowledge and opening your mind to a range of possibilities to enhance business value.
Don’t miss the chance to join a cohort of CXO’s, upskill yourself and embrace the joy of learning!

The Learning Experience

The workshop offers a blend of theory and real use cases designed to open up your mind to the world of possibilities using the power of data.

  • Outline the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Understand the science behind predictive analysis. How does prediction work? What are the different types of algorithms? How does one know whether the predictions are meaningful?
  • Learn about the types of business problems that have the potential to be solved using AI/ML, using cases from the Marketing and Sales


  • An overview of AI /ML - Concepts and Potential
  • Making sense of data using data exploration and visualization
  • Predicting impact of price on business and arrive at optimal price point with help of regression algorithms
  • Predicting customer churn using classification algorithms
  • Gain deeper insights into your customers through segmentation, by using clustering algorithms
  • Understand how AI helps websites and platforms determine sentiment of the customer based on social media messages and how it helps businesses create new opportunities
  • See how a retail outlet increases sales by market basket analysis using association rule mining
  • Hands-on learning of how do likes of Netflix/amazon/IMDb recommend movies or products you may like, by building a recommendation engine
  • Learn what is Deep Learning and its applications in NLP, Image analysis
  • Building you Own Voice Bots (Alexa) - How to enable voice tech for your customers and get Alexa to talk about your products?

Schedule on both days

Day 1
  • Sessions 1 - 9:00 am-11am
  • Sessions 2 - 11:15 am-1pm
  • Lunch - 1pm-2pm
  • Sessions 3 - 2pm - 4pm
  • Session 4 - 4:15pm-6pm
  • Cocktails, Dinner and Networking : 6:30 pm onwards

Day 2
  • Sessions 1 - 9:00 am-11am
  • Sessions 2 - 11:15 am-1pm
  • Lunch - 1pm-2pm
  • Sessions 3 - 2pm - 4pm
  • Session 4 - 4:15pm - 5:30pm

Know your coach

G R Chandrasekhar His areas of interest & expertise are Data Science, Data Strategy, and Cybernetics. He is IBM Certified for Cognos, Infosphere BigInsights, Watson Analytics; Analytics Society of India certified for Machine Learning; and IEEE Computer Society certified for Deep Learning. He is also trained in Tensor Flow by The Data Incubator.

Sujit Bhattacharyya is one of the founders of CL Educate (NSE:CLEDUCATE) and part of the core team that took CL group from startup to IPO over the past 19 years. An alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore, Sujit has had held diverse portfolios in CL - including heading Marketing, HR, head of the K-12 business, and being a member of the board. He currently leads all digital initiatives including the data science practice in CL. He is a hands-on technologist and a passionate teacher too. Sujit had led CL into adoption of AI-ML and Voice tech, was invited to Amazon as a part of the Alexa Developer Advisory Council. He has served in the FICCI Committee for School Education and is an invited faculty to AICTE for conducting Faculty Development programs in the areas of AI and Machine Learning. Sujit is currently authoring a book on machine learning.


The fee includes workshop fees, lunch, dinner and online courseware access to our learning portal through your Wi-Fi enabled laptops

Participants need to bring a laptop (and preferably a mouse) and a zeal to learn. It will be helpful to you if you can carry a dongle or a stable internet connection in case of connectivity issues.

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