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Demystifying AI/ Machine Learning for CMOs and CSOs

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Venue: Taj City Center, Gurgaon

Welcome to the 9th edition of CXO AI and Machine Learning retreat, the second chapter in Gurgaon

Growth, margins and return on capital employed are the final measures of effectiveness for you as a CXO regardless of the function you head.

New technology breakthroughs and your skills that you need to acquire are with the singular purpose of enhancing your company's scoreboard on these three parameters.

Machine learning needs to be looked at from this perspective, as a CXO. Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are just tools and nothing more than that.

So, it is not an exaggeration to say that ML domain belongs to you more than the CTO or the Coder. Ask any successful CEO of a great new era start-up or even traditional company that has successfully crossed over into the digital era. It is the CEO or CXO who drives the priorities and the ML projects as a part of business agenda.

The machine learning Retreat focuses singularly on your efficacy in the new world of ML and AI.

  • Which business problems to choose to deploy machine learning? - How do we enhance revenue growth of the company ?
  • What can dramatically reduce the cost of customer acquisition ?
  • How do you to enhance customer experience and democratize customer choice and personalize the product based on predictive Analytics ?

These are the problems best chosen by you as a business head or a CXO. At the same time, you need to have enough appetite to soil your hands for just about a day and a half so that you have a very insightful understanding of what is under the ML hood.

Dont miss this chance to join a cohort of CXOs and upskill yourself with your guards down and have the joy of learning embrace you.

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CXOs should attend the program to:

  • Become familiar with data science methodologies
  • Understand how to take AI-assisted, data-driven decisions
  • Derive trends & patterns in their business processes
  • Guide their teams using insights based on Machine Learning

The Learning Experience

This workshop is designed to provide business leaders with a window to understand how the power of data can be used to improve business processes. The workshop offers a blend of theory and real use cases implemented by participants hands-on giving them a back to school experience as well.

1] Understand the key concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2] Understand the Science behind predictive analysis [how does prediction work?]

3] Learn how to use data (how to prepare data for input to the program), how to create the logic and how to interpret the results (plus a little bit of programming)

4] Learn about the types of business problems that have the potential to be solved using AI/ML

5] Roadmap for implementation in an organisation


  • An overview of AI/ML - Concepts and Potential
  • Hands-on learning of how do likes of Netflix/amazon/IMDb recommend movies or products you may like, by building a recommendation engine
  • Learn how does technology enable insurance and real estate companies determine the price point with no human assistance with help of classification or regression algorithms
  • How is image recognition using AI enabling seemless automation in various industries by taking a close look how algorithms can read human handwriting or recognize text and images
  • Learn what is Deep Learning and how does telecom and banking industry use Deep Learning to predict potential network failure and fraud
  • How does AI help websites and platforms to determine sentiment of customer based on social media messages and how does it help business to better themselves ?
  • Building you Own Voice Bots (Alexa) - How to enable voice tech for your customers and get Alexa to talk about your products ?
  • See how a retail outlet increases sales by market basket analysis using association rule mining
  • Get deeper insights about your business like customer Segmentation  by using clustering algorithms to automagically bring out similarities among customers along and align marketing campaigns to each segment
  • Get a crash course on basics of Python and Pandas as part of the workshop for better appreciation of AI/ML applications
  • Get an overview of implementation framework to apply AI/Machine Learning in your organization

Know your coach

Dr. Subhrajit Bhattacharya, received his Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 1989 and completed his PhD at Duke University in 1995 in the area of electronic design automation (EDA). He spent 10 years in research, first at NEC's C&C Research Labs, Princeton and then at IBM's TJ Watson Research Centre, Yorktown Heights. During his research tenure, Subhrajit published 20 research papers in top journals and conferences (h-index of 19) and also was granted 12 patents. He moved back to IBM India in 2006 and built IBM's top-notch EDA R&D team in Bangalore from scratch to a size of 85. Subhrajit’s current interests lies in application of machine learning to business problems and time-permitting, research in the same domain.

Sujit Bhattacharyya is one of the founders of CL Educate (NSE:CLEDUCATE) and part of the core team that took CL group from startup to IPO over the past 19 years. An alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Bangalore, Sujit has had held diverse portfolios in CL - including heading Marketing, HR, head of the K-12 business, and being a member of the board. He currently leads all digital initiatives including the data science practice in CL. He is a hands-on technologist and a passionate teacher too. Sujit had led CL into adoption of AI-ML and Voice tech, was invited to Amazon as a part of the Alexa Developer Advisory Council. He has served in the FICCI Committee for School Education and is an invited faculty to AICTE for conducting Faculty Development programs in the areas of AI and Machine Learning. Sujit is currently authoring a book on machine learning.


The fee includes participation of workshop, Lunch and tea on both days, networking dinner on day 1, online courseware access to our learning portal and access required for hands-on experience on your Wi-Fi enabled laptops

Participants need to bring a computer and preferably a mouse and a zeal to learn. It will be helpful to you if you can carry a dongle or a stable internet connection in case of connectivity issues.

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