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4 steps to get shortlisted for a job interview

  • Practice Real Interview Questions by recording your answers in Video.
  • Our Experts will review your answers and give you a feedback.
  • Your best Video answers will be sent to the top companies.
  • Get a call for a Job Interview, if you get shortlisted.

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Audio Visual Resume

Boost your chances of getting shortlisted by Recruiters with our smartphone based resume.

Online Mock Interviews

Face any interview with confidence with our Mock Interviews.

Feedback & Mentoring

Gain an edge over other job applicants with our personalized feedback and mentoring from Industry Experts.

Peer Learning

Focused Learning with our one of a kind Peer Learning approach.

Language Enhancement

Get a strong grip over English language to excel in the corporate world!

Career Opportunities

Top Recruiters are using Video Interviews for their hiring needs. Be 100% ready with us.

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Top Video Resumes by Students

The Autogram Feedback Report

An Autogram Feedback Report gives a complete review of a candidate's skill set based on the mock interviews given by them.

The report elaborately covers all aspects including presentation, language, confidence, creativity and a holistic soft-skill map to highlight strengths & weaknesses of the candidate.

Meet our Expert Faculty

Vivek Bajaj
An Entrepreneur in the domain of Fintech and Edtech, Vivek Bajaj is an IIM Graduate, a CA, and the Founder of Kredent Academy.

Ajay Sharma
An Entrepreneur in the domain of Fintech and Edtech, Ajay Sharma is an IIT and IIM Graduate, an Investment Banker, and co-founder of Autogram.

Ajay Trehan
Founder and CEO at AuthBridge, Ajay Sharma is an IIT Graduate and a prominent mentor at Autogram.

Rupesh Jain
Rupesh Jain is the Managing Director for South East Asia Cluster at Maersk, Singapore, and a prominent faculty at Autogram.


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    About Autogram

    Autogram was co-founded by IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad alumni in 2017. It is a digital video interview platform that helps students prepare for job interviews and cracking them with the help of industry mentors.

    Autogram has successfully groomed more than 35000 students in India over the last 2 years and helped more than 2000 students to get their dream job.

    In our platform, students can practice interview questions and get feedback from top most HRs, IIT/IIM industry experts in India and improve their interview skills. Students also receive a detailed report from the experts.

    Top companies in India like Dabur, Capital First, OYO Rooms, Toppr use Autogram for their hiring needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Mock interview is an online video interview where you can practice real-life job interview questions typically asked by Company HRs in the interview rounds, hence giving a candidate an excellent head-start with their interview preparation. Mock Interviews helps a candidate prepare for a specific domain, role or a company. All you have to do is put in a request for a Mock Interview of your desired role, and you will be delivered a customized mock interview link straight to your email.

    The Feedback Report gives you a complete review of your skill set based on the mock interviews given by you. The report elaborately covers all aspects including presentation, language, confidence, creativity and a holistic soft-skill map to highlight strengths & weaknesses of the candidate. With us, you will have access to Multiple Mock Interviews which will help you become more confident. The progress made will be highlighted in this report.

    Mock Interviews will help you in the following ways:

    • Practice Real Interview Questions
    • Improve Confidence & Communications Skills
    • Get feedback and tips to improve Soft-Skills
    • Reduce chances of Rejection by 70%
    • View and share your Interview

    The Report from Mentors will help you in the following ways:

    • Get feedback from an industry expert
    • Know your strengths & Weaknesses
    • Practice & Improve Autogram Score
    • Better Autogram Scores, Better Jobs

    You should join Autogram if you are a job seeker who wants to connect with corporate employers without going through the fuss of applying aimlessly for jobs in different portals. Autogram sends your best video interview to potential employers, who then get in touch with you for a direct interview if you are shortlisted by them.

    India has a population of approximately 1.3 Billion. Out of this, about 31 million are unemployed. Companies get thousands of job applications on a daily basis. They are now increasingly turning to video screening before making a hiring decision. Autogram has helped bridge this gap by helping corporates conduct initial screening processes through its Video Interview and Soft Skill Assessment Platform. Join Autogram to get recognized by corporate employers with your video interview. Join Autogram to not get left behind.

    No. While Autogram is a platform where job seekers can not only meet potential employers but enhance their chances of being hired by opting for one of the packages, this is not to say that the platform is for job seekers alone. Those looking for internships can also significantly benefit from this platform as Autogram posts both job openings and internship openings.