Arks Srinivas

National Head, MBA Prep (India and Abroad)

Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Arkss' Mantra

  • My single-point belief is that everybody is talented. It's just that, some don't know it.
  • I help students believe in themselves. To believe, first, that they are brilliant; and second, that effort is the main determinant of their success.
  • My job as a mentor is to give students belief, confidence, tools, and desire.

Students' Feedback

Knowledge 99%
Openness 96%
Responsiveness to doubts and queries 91%
Motivating spirit 93%

Students Speak!!!

If Arkss were interviewed - "What gets you going?"

My passion is my survival mechanism. What gets me out of bed every day is not getting bogged down by failures in life. All of us face failures; but I prefer looking at the solution, rather than fret over the problem. Passion for me lies in risk - in the willingness to step from the sidelines and onto the playing field.

After all, there is only one life, "Why so serious?"

Epithets by Students: "To you, Arkss is..."

"Cooler than M.S. Dhoni"

"Mr. 'Articulate'"

"The Best Motivator"

"Mr. 'Cool'"

Favorite Author

Oscar Wilde and P G Wodehouse - I cannot put one above the other. Wilde, because he is extremely sarcastic. The beauty of his work is the ability to put together humor and the reality of life. Wodehouse, because he is amazingly wacky; and brings out the best of humor in English language. One ends up feeling rejuvenated after reading his work.

Role Model

At different points in my life, different people have inspired me-both positively and negatively. My 7th-class Maths teacher inspired me to work hard, when she said I am not good at Maths. Anything that provokes me to take up a challenge is a source of inspiration and motivation.

Know him like you "know him"


Enjoys playing poker, badminton, and cricket; his favorite sportsperson is Sachin Tendulkar.



Loves Scarlett O'Hara from 'Gone with the Wind' for her "Tomorrow is another day" attitude.


TV shows

Relishes crime and mystery shows; Suits, Narcos, and Reign being some of his favorites.



An avid reader, his all-time favorite novel is 'Gone with the Wind' by Margaret Mitchell.


Bucket list

Top two things on his bucket list: travel to 100 countries; and write a book.



Loves listening to songs, reading novels, and spending a lot of time talking to people.