Research Mentorship Program

For School Students, College Students & Working Professionals

Think you are innovative, show the world!


  • Admits into Top Universities
  • Better Placements
  • Building a Stellar Profile
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Problem Understanding for Entrepreneurs

How does the program work

The Research Experience entails 5 main stages. You can understand the flow of the program as per the stages defined below.

Topic Identification is among the most important stages of your Research Experience. It determines the work you will be carrying out in the process. Be sure to pick a field that you are passionate about!

  • Choose among hundreds of fields from our Research Index
  • Interact with our mentors to determine if the topic chosen matches your needs and aspirations
  • Share your ambition with friends and family

To do something innovative, it is necessary to first understand what has been done in the past. Literature survey involves the study of reliable material in your field and take learnings from them before identifying the exact research problem.

  • We will provide you access to Online Databases of Research Articles
  • We will guide you on what to search for and how to understand the articles

This step involves sketching the methodology, conducting the experiment and compiling the results.

  • Get access to thousands of fellow researchers who may be working on a problem similar to yours. You could also get a chance to restricted equipment.
  • Research work could be in the form of a survey, an experiment or even a review

This step involves writing the Abstract, Introduction, Literature Survey, Methodology, Findings, References and Compiling the entire document into the requisite format. This will be done after identifying an appropriate Conference/Journal for publication.

  • Get access to our expert designed templates and live samples
  • Use our Target Recommender Tool to select an appropriate Conference/Journal among the thousands that may exist in your field to find a best fit
  • Recommendations are thrown on the basis of your work being rated by our expert panel

The expert panel of your chosen Conference/Journal may request you for changes or make recommendations to your research work. Our team helps you add that final touch that make your dream of publishing a quality research article a reality

  • Guidance upto final acceptance by Conference/Journal
  • Expert feedback based on experiences of thousands of users


What is a Conference?

A conference is a meeting, often lasting a few days, which is organized on a particularsubject or to bring together groups of eminent Researchers/Scientists from around the world to share their research work and have intellectual connects. Every conference has a theme associated with the researchers' domain of expertise.

What is a Journal?

Think of magazines that you have read. They are filled with articles of interest to the magazine. In the Research world, journals are like magazines which publish research articles that are of interest to them and which satisfy their stringent quality criteria. Most Nobel Prize winners have their work published in top Journals around the world like Nature, Science etc.

On what basis does your experts target conferences? Do theyhave any understanding with the people associated regarding acceptance process?

We believe in purely ethical research. We target conferences based on the quality of output produced by the student. Our experts,have given their years of experience in these fields, are able to identify where a potential paper may be published and communicate it accordingly. We have no prior agreements with conferences. Selections happen purely based on quality of the paper and relevancy of the conference.

How research papers help students in admissions?

All universities in the world invite applicants that rank highly on Innovation. Universities in India are also looking at Research in a big way. Previously, universities projected their placement statistics to show their calibre but the modern trend to measure the value of a university is by its research quotient. This is the reason why, now a days, you would hear phrases like ‘A Research and Innovation Driven University.'

Can I submit this research paper as my final semester project?

Yes, once or before your research paper is ready and communicated, you can easily discuss with your HOD or related faculty mentor to submit this research project as your final year project.

How long a conference/journal paper take to accept/publish?

It varies from Journal to Journal, but conference acceptance may come within 2-3 months and publication may take 1 yr. from the date of conference. However, do not worry, after your submission, you can use the paper title in your CV as communicated paper.

Do your program guarantee of my publication?

Publication depends on various factors. The quality of research work is the most important criteria. Additionally, editors and reviewers may accept your manuscript for publication based on several other factors. For example, if the journal receives two manuscripts in the same field, and if they have some policy that they can publish one article on a particular field per issue. In this case, they will suggest either you submit to another journal or they will delay the publication. However, this is not applicable for conference publication. Therefore, we cannot guarantee publication if you avail our program. However, our expert mentors will assist you to shape up your manuscript in such a way that maximizes the chance of publication.

Do you provide any kind financial support for publication such as conference or journal registration fees or travel grant etc., or this kind of financial support is included in my enrollment fees?

No, we do not offer any packages as publication support. Thus, you need to bear these kinds of fees on your own. Publication support is not included in your enrollment fees.

What if I start working and stopped working in the mid-way? How long I can get assistance from your expert?

We have a very clear policy on this. We always maintain the ethics of the research and researchers. Thus, we always argue that you will work dedicatedly and honestly along with the timeline provided by our expert mentors. However, if you lost in the mid-way, our experts would serve you till 12 months of your starting date (i.e. 1st payment date).

What are the additional costs associated with this initiative? Do I need to pay these costs to you?

There are 2 additional costs associated with this, but you need not pay these costs to us. You must pay these costs to the concern authority.

Conference registration expenses

International Conferences outside India can be INR 32, 000- INR 39, 000.International Conferences within India can be INR 5, 000- INR 10, 000.

National Conferences in India may charge INR 500- INR 3000.

Travel and associated expenses:

You would be given a choice on whether we need to target conferences abroad or in India. Expenses associated with this would include flights/trains and living costs for around 3 days.

Can you format my manuscript that complies with the journal requirement?

Yes, we format your manuscript as per the guidelines provided by the particular journal.

Do you correct or format artwork?

No, the correction or reformatting of artwork does not include in our program. However, our expertscan guide you to correct or format artwork.

How do your experts recommend Journals/Conference for publication?

Our experts team consists of mainly PhDs/Post-doc who have vast experience in publishing their own research work in various reputed journals& conferences. They are aware of different journals in a particular field, and their criteria of publishing, for example scope, target audience, impact factor, rejection rate, etc. They prepare a detailed journal selection report based on several factors and shortlist 5-6 journals which are best suited for your manuscript.

Can I send my manuscripts to all the recommended journals simultaneously?

No, you cannot. At a time, you can submit your manuscript to a single journal.

How doesyour expert help me to submit my manuscript in a Journal/conference?

Most of the journals/conferences have their own guidelines. We carefully follow their guidelines step by step and submit your manuscript successfully. We make account on your behalf on the journal's website and provide you with log-in details. We provide the journal details of authors including affiliation, fax, phone number, email id. We prepare the cover letter, and make sure that the consent form is signed by all the authors. We check whether all the files are in the correct format specified by the journal, and finally upload them. After successful submission we track the progress.

Do you write the response to reviewer's comments?

No, we do not write the responses to reviewer's comment. The subject related scientific answers should be given by you. We assist our clients to frame the responses with correct tone and appropriate styles. We ensure that you have answered all their questions, and check whether you have misunderstood any of the issues raised by the reviewers.

I have received negative comments from reviewers after reviewing my manuscript with your experts. Why have they not raised those points while reviewing my manuscripts?

There are multiple aspects of journal peer-reviewing. Among them the three most important aspects a journal reviewer considers are the quality of scientific work, presentation and the significance of the particular research work. Our experts mainly work on the improvement of subject matter and presentation of the manuscript. The research significance is solely depended on the editorial policy and it differs from journal to journal. The journals with high impact factor (IF) set high benchmark for "research significance", while the other may not set that high. Therefore, you may receive additional comments from the journal reviewers even after peer-reviewing by our experts. However, we can help you addressing those additional comments, and make corrections before resubmission.

Please find below screenshots of what Universities project on their web pages, and request in their application forms:

Research Mentorship Program

Premium Pack

Rs. 57,499/year

Access to all Research Index articles
Access to research samples at all stages
Unlimited Skype/Phone sessions every month
Valid till acceptance obtained in a National/International Conference.