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Comprehensive Preparation

Covers GS ( Prelims & Main), CSAT, Essay, Current Affairs, Writing Practice & Interview Preparation through 1000+ Hours course modules.

Test & Perform

Testing is an inevitable part of learning. Learning and testing through regular tests will go hand in hand. It would prepare the aspirant completely for every stage of civil service exam.

Mentored by the Best of Best

Innovation is the key to success. The scope of syllabus is too vast to learn. So, with innovative learning will help you to achieve the goals.

Foundation Building

get mentored and guided under the umbrella of our brilliant IAS Gurus like Rashid Yasin Gautam Puri, R.Shiva Kumar, Mohan Prasad, Sherry A Singh, Akshat Dwivedi, Satbir Singh and so many more to join the league.

Recording of Lectures

The strength of a building lies in its foundation. We understand the importance of the foundational base of knowledge. Strengthening basics and enhancing advance study by learning step by step tp conquer the goal.

Result Oriented Goal

Good means lead to great ends. Focus will be an overall development of the candidate.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What all is included in GS Foundation @ Home Course?

    GS Foundation @ Home course is a holistic program covering all aspects of Civil services exam. It comprises of preparation for Prelims Exam (GS & CSAT), Main Exam (GS Papers), Essay, Interview & Current Affairs.

  • Are classes offline/Online?

    There will be live Online interactive classes where student will have real time interaction with Faculties as in face to face classes.

  • Do I get study Material?

    Exhaustive study material in the form of E books will be provided to enrich the content resource of the candidate. The content is strictly in accordance with the UPSC syllabus. The student will also get Regular current affairs content created by experts from Newspapers, PIB, Govt publications(Yojana ,Kurukshetra) & other relevant resources.

  • What if I miss any Live class?

    As a GS Foundation course student, you will get access to 'aspiration.ai' ( An Artificial Intelligence based Learning platform). Through our unique Video archive feature in 'aspiration.ai', you can attend any missed class from your home at your convenient timing. You can also revise your attended classes before the Civil Service Exam.

  • How do I ask queries during the classes?

    Student can ask query during live classes through Real-time Doubt clearing facility. They will get an instant response from the faculties. With All India network of CL centers, students will be exposed to queries by students across the nation & questions asked by one student will benefit other students as well.

  • How can I improve my writing skills?

    Writing skills can make a huge difference in the Main examination. In GS Foundation program, we focus on writing skills from day 1. Students will be given regular assignments to improve their writing skills which will be further boosted through UPSC standard evaluation & feedback by Subject experts.

  • How do I practice?

    In GS Foundation @ Home course (Premium & Recorded version), you will be part of All India Prelims & Main Test series. In all versions, You will also get Weekly & Module practice test on regular basis to focus on improving your writing skills.

  • Preparation for Preliminary and Main - Separate or Integrated?

    Civil services preparation is an integral process. Although Preliminary exam is objective and Main examination is descriptive, one should adopt an integrated approach. Main preparation requires a thorough analysis of information, organizing and presenting information in a coherent and lucid manner. Handling Preliminary exam requires the ability to recollect and the concepts of the subject are also tested. So, a candidate should keep these things in mind during the preparation.

  • Why should I enrol for GS Foundation @ home course?

    CL's GS Foundation course gives you a unique chance of getting trained from India's renowned Faculties from the comfort of your home. You will be holistically trained in all areas including GS, CSAT, Essay, Current Affairs, Writing practice & Interview. You also have the option of learning anytime from anywhere through our recorded classes available in your aspiration.ai account. Our student-oriented structured training approach will ensure that you will get the right kind of support to crack Civil Service exam & fulfil your dream of becoming a Civil Servant.

  • What should I keep in mind while choosing an optional subject?

    Firstly, it is not mandatory that your optional subject should be from your stream. It may or may not be the subject of your background. There are many factors to be considered while choosing an optional subject. As a GS Foundation course student, you will have access to CL's subject matter experts who can guide you to choose an optional subject based on your profile.

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