Know all About Liberal Arts

What is Liberal Arts?

Liberal Arts degree program is an interdisciplinary covering topic within the humanities as well as social, natural and formal sciences.

Liberal Arts is a multidisciplinary system of education that includes a diverse mix of subjects from various disciplines including humanities, sciences, commerce, and technology.

It helps to develop well rounded individuals with general knowledge with a wide range of subjects and with mastery of a range of transferable skills.

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Liberal Arts Course Structure

Major Vertical Structure

A Major is the field in which a student focuses during his/her degree. Majors can either be Pure Majors (Computer Science, English, History, Biology, and more) or Interdisciplinary Majors (Politics, Philosophy & Economics; Computer Science & Entrepreneurial Leadership; English & Creative Writing; Politics & Society; History & International Relations; English & Media Studies).

Minor Vertical Structure

A Minor is a secondary concentration of courses that often complements the Major.

  • Few choices when it comes to a Minor subject are:
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental studies
  • International Relations
  • Media Studies
  • Creative Writing

Foundation Vertical Structure

Foundation Courses are distinctive courses that introduce students to various styles of thinking, but also to inter-disciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches.Some of the choices are:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Great Books
  • Indian Civilization
  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
  • Literature & the World
  • Mind & Behaviour
  • Principles of Science
  • Social & Political Formation

Career Opportunities after Liberal Arts





PR Specialist

HR Specialists

Graphic Designer


Social Worker


Some Liberal Arts Specialisations

Environmental sciences

Great Books

International Relations

Business Studies


Indian Civilization

Literature and The world

Mind and Behaviour

Computer Science

Principles of Science

Public Affairs and Policies

Film studies

Liberal Arts in India

Top liberal arts colleges in India are offering courses to students that broaden scope of employment Opportunities

Globalization has impacted the working culture of industry thereby leading to a demand for youth who possesses the required qualifications and has a multidimensional approach

Many colleges in India are offering liberal arts courses and they have designed their curriculum in the manner that provides an opportunity for students to choose various subjects

Apart from the Academy curriculum other elements help students hone their interpersonal skills

Student studying liberal arts courses from the top liberal arts college develop a unique trait to think out of the box and adapt readily to new changes.

Students go for combination such as psychology as a major subject and history as a minor subject or mathematics and me as major and philosophy as minor

There are several job opportunities available for liberal arts graduates in the sectors of consulting banking media advertising public relation teaching research and government organizations etc

Liberal Arts University Admission Process

A lot of Universities offer Liberal Arts in India at a Undergraduate Level out of which few are listed down with their admission process -

College/University  Aptitude Test  Interview  Group Discussion  Essay Writing Others
IIT Chennai  Y N N N  
Symbiosis College of Liberal Arts Y Y N N WAT 
NMIMS School of Liberal Arts N Y N N Merit Based
Ashoka University  Y Y N Y On the Spot Essay 
Amity University  N Y N Y  
FLAMES University  Y Y Y N SOP or SAT score instead of Entrance Test