CBSE Class 12th - Important Questions and MCQs

Tuition’s unique student-centered pedagogy

At Career Launcher, our commitment extends beyond conventional class curriculums. For students entering Class 12, we recognize the pivotal role this stage plays in shaping their future trajectories and preparing them for national-level competitive exams. Our mission is to empower class 12 students with the skills and knowledge needed for success in their career.

Our tuition program for Class 12 students prioritizes conceptual clarity, recognizing its significance in guiding students towards their desired career paths. We offer a diverse range of effective learning tools and resources to support their academic journey.

Join us on the path to academic excellence and future career achievements with our Class 12 tuition program.

Create a Strong Foundation in Class 12

Understanding of concepts

Get a complete understanding of subjects and delve deep into different topics to boost your logical reasoning and analytical abilities.

Enhance your Skills

Developing skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and proficient communication are essential for both academic and professional triumphs.

Be Prepared for Boards

The Board exams for class 12th are pivotal milestones necessitating diligent preparation right from the beginning.

Readiness for Career

Discover your strengths and interests to set the stage for promising career opportunities.

Comprehensive Preparation Program for Class 12

The Role of Parents in the Program

Parents hold considerable sway over their children's thoughts and ambitions. Hence, it's vital for parents to engage actively in their academic progress and remain abreast of their career choices and passions. Alongside our student-focused approach to academic growth, we provide a carefully designed and organized parent program.

Parent-Mentor Interaction

We've arranged Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) throughout the duration of the course to enable parents to monitor their child's progress closely.

Parent Seminar Workshop

Mentors will offer various parenting insights and suggest suitable career pathways for their children in specially arranged seminars.

Parent Career Launcher

Parents will get access to their child's progress report through their own Career Launcher account.

Frequently asked questions

Our class 12 online tuition program covers a wide range of subjects, including Mathematics and Economics.

Classes are conducted through a virtual classroom platform. Students can interact with experienced teachers through live video sessions. Additionally, comprehensive study material is provided to students.

Absolutely. We provide personalized attention to each and every student. Our class size varies but is generally kept small to ensure that all students receive individualized support and guidance.

Students can raise their doubts during live sessions or through dedicated doubt-clearing sessions.