CUET 2022 Exam Analysis

Section 1: English

English language paper in Section 1 had three passages followed by five questions each. Unlike earlier papers, the questions based on passages were not so direct today. Two of the passages were based on fiction. Three questions each on synonyms and antonyms, four on idioms and phrases, 6 on para-jumbles; 5 questions on parts of speech, 5 on spelling error along with a couple of questions on one word substitution showed the focus on vocabulary and grammar. Overall, an easy paper and students were able to complete the same well within the allotted time.

Section 2: Domain Subjects

Economics: The break-up of the questions based on chapters in economics is given below:

National Income: 4; Money and Banking: 5; Determination of Income and Employment: 8(numerical only); government budget and economy: 4; Balance of Payments;2; Indian Economic Development: 7

Business Studies: Nature and Significance of Management: 5; Principles of Management:5; Business Environment:4; Planning:5; Organizing:5; Business Finance:4; Financial Markets:8; Marketing:3; Consumer Protection:2

Mathematics: The section was moderate and lengthy. 3D and straight lines:4; Matrix:4; Integrations: 6; Probability:4; Differential Equations: 5; Trigonometry: 5

Chemistry: Organic Chemistry: 6 (Preparations & Reactions; Compound name); Numerical:5 (Kinetics, half reaction; Conductivity, Ester’s); Coordination Compound:3; Match the following:1; Solutions (Case Study): 5; Order of acidic strengths: 3

Section 3: General Test

The general awareness section in the section had a mix of questions from current affairs and static general knowledge. Numeral ability had basic questions and if one had practiced well, they would have found the questions easy to solve. Questions were based on profit and loss (3); upstream and downstream (2); Calendar (3); Blood Relation (1); Algebra (4); Ratio (3); Geometry (3); Logical Reasoning (10).

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, and scores is based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL mentors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken based on this information.

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