CUET 2022 Exam Analysis

Section 1: English

The English language paper in Section 1 had a focus on vocabulary and grammar. With 18 questions based on reading comprehension. The topics of reading comprehension were “the difference between online and offline teaching”,”instant coffee & bread making attitude” and “Grandfather and trees”. The questions from the passage were quite direct. The focus was to test one's grammar fundamentals and vocabulary.

Questions were based on synonyms, antonyms, fill in the blanks, one-word substitution, spelling errors, figures of speech, para. There were 4 questions of antonyms, 2 of synonyms, 4 of spelling errors(spellings like feminist, optimist were asked), 4 of word relation(question like finding similar relation to life::death), 9 of idioms and 4 each from jumbled sentence and figure of speech. Overall, the paper was easy, and students could comfortably complete the same in the given time. Some students even reported completing the section well before the allotted time of 45 min.

Section 2: Domain Subjects

Mixed reactions were received from students today, with some rating the papers in domain subjects to be of moderate level, unlike the earlier ones where most students had reported the papers to be easy.

Questions of Physics were easy to moderate in level. There were 5 questions each from 2 passages. The passages were on topic interference of light and principle of resonance. There were questions on torque, bohr electricity postulate, output waveform. There were some basic questions like “commonly used mode of propagation for TV broadcast”, “behavior of ferromagnetic substance at curie temperature”, “basis of Kirchoff’s junction rule”, “average thermal velocity of electrons in thermal conductor”, “potential drop across resistors in a circuit”, “position related questions of lens”.

Section 3: General Test

The general awareness section in the section had around 15 questions. The questions were about current affairs and static general knowledge with questions asked on Awards, Books & Authors, and Personalities. There were questions about NITI Aayog, Most liveable city in India, oldest puranic text,Tokyo Paralympics, atmospheric pressure, earthquake intensity, longest sea beach, women equality day, Miss Universe, Asian boxing championship, Billionaire Index and CEOs. Numeral ability had basic questions; if one had practised well, they would have found the questions easy to solve. 4-5 questions were based on Geometry, 2 questions each from ratios,simple and compound and profit and loss, 3 questions each from time & work, sequence & series and speed & distance. There were 1 question each from upstream-downstream, number system & height and distance. Algebra had the most weightage out of all the topics of numerical ability with 10 questions. There were around 18-19 Reasoning-based questions in the section that were easy to moderate. 3-4 questions were from series and pie charts each. One question was asked from Direction sense & Blood relations each. There were 2 questions each from calendars and clocks.

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, and scores is based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL mentors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken based on this information.

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