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Applications of Machine Learning

Machine Learning is one of the fastest growing fields today and one of the better known applications of Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence. The idea behind Machine Learning is that on providing data to a machine, it can learn and develop on its own without any manual programming- an unseen force bringing waves of changes; shaping the present, the future, and the job market. The applications of Machine Learning are extremely diverse and it has penetrated into our lives in many ways. Today, we’re aware and unaware of it at the same time because of its massive yet swift impact. There are some disruptive applications of Machine Learning which most people would be aware about but there are some more subtle applications of Machine Learning which people may not be aware about. Because of this rapid technological progress, the demand for Machine Learning Engineers is increasing rapidly. The content below discusses the various applications of Machine Learning that are transparently impacting our daily lives:

Applications of Machine Learning in AI Virtual Assistant

One of the best known and widespread applications of machine learning is the AI virtual personal assistants. The smart devices are now taking over the guidance and assistance of our actions replacing the traditional activities of an assistant. Some of the popular Machine Learning based personal assistants that are taking the world by storm are Alexa, Google Now, and Siri. These advanced technology-based assistants have almost seamlessly become a part of our lives and made it simpler.

Applications of Machine Learning in Traveling

Google Maps has emerged as one of the most widely used technology of today’s age. It is ‘the’ app that everyone uses to make travelling to unfamiliar places possible. This is one of the applications of Machine Learning where Google utilizes vast amounts of data from the GPS as well as data about factors like traffic, distance, time, direction, etc. to build an accurate model of route that one must take to travel between places in the minimum amount of time.

Applications of Machine Learning in Social Media

Social Media is also one of the applications of Machine Learning with immensely popular platforms like Facebook now using automatic face detection/ image recognition through their proprietary Machine Learning-based technology named DeepFace. The DeepFace project by Facebook is one of the most formidable examples of the applications of Machine Learning. The many other ways where ML is applied are the Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions, Automatic Tags, Alternate Tags, and more.

Applications of Machine Learning in Marketing

The applications of Machine Learning in marketing and sales have revolutionized the marketing world. Machine Learning can analyze the customer’s purchase history and lists similar products which may interest the customer as is common practice in E-Commerce today. Machine Learning has made it easier to plan for promotions and manufacturing cycles through analysis of past data and recognition of trends which may not have been visible to the human eye.

Applications of Machine learning in automated cars

Amongst the most advanced innovations of modern technology, the self-driving car is one of the most interesting and intriguing. The functioning of automated cars entirely depends on Machine Learning. The algorithms of machine learning algorithms are used to determine the self-driving car challenges/variables such as car directions, speech and gesture recognition, language detection, etc.

Applications of Machine Learning in Sales and pricing

In an age where the world is becoming a marketplace, the need for determination of the right pricing is crucial. While there are many strategies for pricing, the key is to find the main objective. Hectic market competitions call for a dynamic pricing and the application of Machine Learning enables the designing of competitive pricings by analyzing the buying and selling activities in the market.