Machine Learning Workshop @ SRM

Introduction to the world of machine learning

Faculty: Sujit Bhattacharyya Language: English

Workshop @ SRM, Ghaziabad

Career Launcher conducted a seminar on Machine Learning and Data Sciences on 20 th February 2019 with the objective of creating awareness about the job opportunities in the field of Machine Learning for 3 rd year Engineering students. The seminar was addressed by Mr. Sujit Bhattacharya, HR and IT head, CL Educate Limited, Ms. Harleen Chawla from IBM Watson and Mr. Jai Singh Sajwan, Centre Director, Career Launcher, Ghaziabad. In his address Mr. Sujit Bhattacharya talked about engineering students getting skilled in Machine Learning to ensure that they are ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution which involves Advanced Analytics, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Process Digitization.

Mr. Bhattacharya referred to the World Economic Forum 2018 report and discussed the skill set requirements of the industry, He cited the example of UBER using Neural Network to track the requirement and location of cabs. He also talked about the Differentiable Plan and how it is expected to change human life.

Ms. Harleen Chawla talked at length about Supervised and Unsupervised data and Predictive Analysis. She talked about the techniques of allocating variables, Cleaning data and explained how hypothesis helps in getting the best possible prediction.

Mr. Jai Singh Sajwan in his address elaborated on the dependence of country’s economy on the success of Fourth Industrial Revolution. He advised students to skill themselves according to the needs of the industry and be “Industry Ready” especially in the areas of Block Chain technology, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. His advice to the teaching fraternity was to re-skill themselves to enable the students to attain “Employability”.

All speakers at the seminar emphasized the need for the active involvement of country’s youth to make the Fourth Industrial Revolution successful in India.