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Data science projects for Beginners

With the hype around Data Science, it is important for every person to have an idea about the subject before they dive headfirst into it. Data science projects for beginners are a great way to begin your career in this field. These Data Science Projects for Beginners are not just a way of learning Machine Learning practically but also a way of sprucing up the resume.

You may have worked on data science problems before, but if you can’t make it presentable & easy-to-explain, how would someone know what you are capable of? That's where these projects will help you. Think of the all the hours you'll spend on these projects as part of training sessions. The more time you spend practicing, the better you'll get! And the weightage given to the Data Science Projects for Beginners is much more than any theory course that one might have gone through.

We’ve made sure to provide you with a taste of a variety of problems from different domains. We believe everyone must learn to smartly work with huge amounts of data. Hence, large datasets are included. Also, we’ve made sure all the datasets are open and free to access.

What you need to know about Data Science Projects for Beginners?

There is certainly no dearth of data science projects for beginners and to help you decide where to begin, we’ve divided this list into 3 levels, namely:

  1. Beginner Level: This level comprises of small data sets which are fairly easy to work with, and don’t require complex data science techniques. They can be solved with basic regression or classification algorithms.
  2. Intermediate Level: This level consists of data sets and problems which are more challenging. It consists of mid & large data sets which require some serious pattern recognition skills. Also, feature engineering will make a difference here.
  3. Advanced Level: This level is for people who have a high understanding of advanced topics like neural networks, deep learning, recommender systems, etc. High dimensional datasets are also featured here. See the creativity best data scientists bring into their work and codes.

The following section contains some of the data science projects for beginners across the categories mentioned above.

Introduction Level to Data Science Projects for Beginners

This is the easiest set of data science projects for beginners that should be solved by people who want to get their very first taste of data science.

1. Iris Data Set

This is one of the most versatile and resourceful dataset in pattern recognition literature which is quite easy to understand. Its two-dimensional nature makes for easy visualization and a better understanding of the underlying algorithms. The Iris dataset can be used to easily and simply learn classification techniques. As a data science project for beginners, this dataset ticks all the right boxes.
Problem: Predict the class of the flower based on available attributes.

2. Loan Prediction Dataset

The insurance domain has an extensive use of data analytics & data science methods. The Loan Prediction Dataset can provide you with a taste of working on data sets from insurance companies. This makes the challenges that they face quite clear as well as other factors such as the strategies used and the variables that are selected while building the model. This is another one of data science projects for beginners that focus on the concept of classification. The data has 615 rows and 13 columns.
Problem: Prediction on approval or denial of a loan.

Intermediate Level to Data Science Projects for Beginners

Once the person is somewhat more comfortable with handling data, these data science projects for beginners can be tried to get a better idea of data science as a whole

  1. Human Activity Recognition Dataset

This data set is a compilation of data captured of 30 human subjects captured via smartphones through multiple embedded sensors. This dataset is not only one of the better data science projects for beginners but is also used for more conventional teaching in Machine Learning Courses. The Human Activity Recognition Dataset is a multi-classification problem. The data set has 10,299 rows and 561 columns.

Problem:Predicting the activity category of a person.

  1. Twitter Classification Dataset

Sentiment Analysis is one of the watershed Data Science Projects for Beginners after which one can say that they are comfortable with data. When one wants to work on sentiment analysis, the most common medium is Twitter with the extensive amount of tweets that they hold. This dataset can be challenging for someone who wishes to go beyond the normal and focus on a niche area. The dataset is 3MB in size and has 31,962 tweets.

Problem:Classification of the tweets between hate tweets and normal tweets.

Advanced Level to Data Science Projects for Beginners

Once one has reached this stage, they are quite comfortable with datasets and can move on to more difficult Data Science Projects.

  1. MNIST Dataset

This dataset allows you to study, analyze and recognize elements in the images. That’s exactly how your camera detects your face, using image recognition! It’s your turn to build and test that technique. It’s a digit recognition problem. This data set has 7,000 images of 28 X 28 size, totaling 31MB.

Problem: Identify digits from an image.

  1. ImageNet Dataset

ImageNet offers a variety of problems which encompass object detection, localization, classification, and screen parsing. All the images are freely available. You can search for any type of image and build your project around it. As of now, this imaging engine has more than 15 million images of multiple shapes sizing up to 140GB.

Problem: Problem to solve is subjected to the image type you download.