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Machine Learning Internship for Freshers and Students

According to a Gartner report, AI is expected to create 2.3 million jobs in Machine Learning. LinkedIn: one of the biggest platforms for job seekers, in its 2017 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report ,shows that there are 9.8 times more ML Engineers today than there were five years ago.

If you google Machine Learning Internships, you will find that LinkedIn has listed 294 Machine Learning Internships and over 6000 Machine Learning jobs in India.

The bottom line is: more and more jobs in Machine Learning are being created everyday which means the demand for Machine Learning Experts is also soaring dramatically. This reflects a promising future for people who take active interest in pursuing a career in this highly niche profession. So if you have thought of pursuinga career in Machine Learning, now is the time.

Importance of doing a Machine Learning Internship

When it comes to making your career in a niche area like Machine Learning, it is important that you get as much exposure as you potentially can. Internships are a great way to go about it. Getting your hands on an internship experience will not only give you valuable exposure, but it will also open the door of opportunities for you where employment is concerned. If you hope to someday establish a long term career in Machine Learning, you should definitely begin this journey by interning somewhere first. 90% of interns end up getting hired by their employers. Moreover, being an intern in your chosen line of work shows that you have something to put on the table where the scalability of your talent and skills is concerned. As a Machine Learning Intern, you will be in the best position to not only leverage this skill, but to actually show demonstrated working knowledge in your area of expertise. The internship will do your bidding for you as your work will speak for itself. This is something that should really excite you, if nothing else. The ocean of talent in our country is an unending stream of competition and to get ahead of the competition, it is vital that you make your CV pop. There is no better way to go about it than through an internship.

Machine Learning Internship is the bridge between you and Machine Learning jobs

A Machine Learning Internship, as we have discussed above, is an experience that will help you kick-start your career in Machine Learning as it will help you find a Machine Learning job much easier than the people who don’t have this experience.

Career Launcher’s Machine Learning Internship

Career Launcher: one of the biggest Edu-corp and household name for coaching programs in India has launched its Machine Learning Internship Program. This is an 8 Week Internship which holds the promise of revolutionizing your skills in the data science-machine learning domain, and a fantastic way to kick-start your career as a Machine Learning Engineer.

In this 8 week online internship program, you will undertake a series of assignments which will give you the exhilarating opportunity of working-in, and solvingreal-world machine learning problems that companies actually face today. This will give you the right exposure as you will get the right industry skills that you need to thrive in this highly competitive job market. Having worked on actual real world business problems of companies using machine learning, not only will you acquire skills that will make you an experienced expert in your field but you will also earn the attraction of employers in this domain.

At the successful completion of the internship, you will receive an Internship Certificate which will attest to your skills in ML in the thriving job market.


Machine Learning is one of the most attractive fields for freshers as well as students. It has the potential to be one of the most lucrative starts to the career that any fresher can hope to get.
In order to capitalize on this opportunity however, you should have some experience of the subject to show your interest in the subject so that company has some level of trust in you. One of the best ways to show this interest is to do a Machine Learning Internship which will give you some hands on experience at the subject.

The Career Launcher Machine Learning Internship is a good opportunity for fresher and students to signal their intent and boost their knowledge at the same time.