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Why Should Working Professionals go for a Machine Learning Internship?

Machine Learning is considered to be the technology which will change our way of life. It has grown in importance in recent times with the advancement in computer technology. This growth has spurred a frenzy of Machine Learning Jobs across the world but the Education Industry in India is lagging behind in meeting this demand. There are only a couple of colleges which offer a course on Machine Learning which leaves candidates looking for certification courses which hold limited credibility. This is the gap that Career Launcher's Machine Learning Internship is hoping to fill.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the field which is working on giving computers the ability to think without any human intervention. It is already fairly widespread with Virtual Personal Assistants being one of the most prevalent examples in our everyday life. Other examples include Google Maps which calculates the time required to reach the destination depending on the speed of the vehicle as well as the traffic conditions and the distance to be covered.

Machine Learning is generally used for two basic purposes:

  • Prediction
  • Classification

While both prediction and classification seem to be similar in nature, the meaning of prediction and classification is slightly different. In Prediction, the algorithm used has to predict the actual value of the result while classification means assigning a new observation to one of the categories developed on the basis of the test data.

While the purpose of Machine Learning is as given above, there are two ways in which the machine can be trained to become smarter. These two methods are called:

  • Supervised Learning - In this method, the machine is given a set of independent variables along with the appropriate dependent variable. Using this data, the machine has to develop its own model to predict the dependent variable value. Following this training data, the machine is exposed to a different data set in which the dependent variable is not given. Using the model developed in the training, the machine has to predict the values of the dependent variable on its own. The better the model developed, the better is the result and lesser is the error.
  • Unsupervised Learning - Unsupervised learning is the method in which the machine is simply given a set of observations and is asked to derive its result from them. This method is more long term but is able to remove the problem of overfitting (Model being too specialized in the test data). Machine trained in this method can develop more sophisticated approaches to complex problems but are also quite unpredictable.

More information about Machine Learning can be found on this page.

Why Machine Learning Internship

Data Scientists who have worked on Machine Learning Algorithms are in high demand today and with the progress of the field, the demand is expected to increase in the foreseeable future. With this fact, the Machine Learning Internship offers a unique opportunity for participants to explore the field before they decide to take the plunge.

For participants who wish to enter this field, the experience from the Machine Learning Internship will hold them in good stead when they explore new job opportunities.

For participants who do not find it to be of their taste, it will simply act as a skill that they have developed and an option that they can explore in the future.

Thus the Machine Learning Internship is only going to be useful for the participants as it helps them gain more skills and makes them more employable.

Why Machine Learning Internship for Working Professionals?

In a survey by Economic Times, it was found that 80% of the working professionals are unsatisfied with their jobs. With this huge number of people looking to change the direction in which their career is headed, the Machine Learning Internship can act as a godsend to the people who are undecided on their next step.

Career Change: The general dissatisfaction that people seem to have to their own job may be due to the fact that they are not in the job that fits their interests. In this case, the Machine Learning Internship can act as a trial run for people to have a look at the field before they decide to take the plunge. The comprehensive nature of the Machine Learning Internship means that the participants are thoroughly acquainted with several of the major topics of Machine Learning and can make the decision with adequate amount of knowledge

High Salaries: The demand for data scientists means that Machine Learning professionals earns a pretty penny in all companies that deal with data. The average salary for Machine Learning Engineers in India is Rs. 7,50,000 with the highest going up to Rs. 15,00,000. The designation can also change from company to company and a Machine Learning Scientist in Amazon earns around Rs. 40,00,000. This type of offered salary means that the competition for these jobs is going to be huge. However despite this startling statistic, the number of Machine Learning Internships is very low. Thus anyone who has done a Machine Learning Internship shows a clear intent for the field and is much more likely to crack the interview than someone who has just done a course.

Industry Entry: Entry in any new industry requires some sort of a justification or expression of competence. Thus to shift from any profile to the data analytics profile, you need to present a very strong case for yourself. One of the best ways of building up a great case is to go through the Machine Learning Internship since it allows you to solve the practical problems that every data scientist goes through in his every day work. Companies are definitely going to prefer someone with some experience with the work than someone who has only theoretical knowledge about the topic.

Online Internship: One of the biggest reasons that the working professionals can look at the Machine Learning Internship as a feasible option is that the Machine Learning Internship allows them to work from home in the online mode. This means that they can continue to work on their day jobs while exploring greener pastures through the internship in the night and the weekends. The Online nature of the Machine Learning Internships gives the participants a flexibility that is extremely elusive in internships generally.

These are some of the strongest reasons for working professionals to look at the Machine Learning Internship as well. There may be several other personal reasons that anyone can look for a Machine Learning Internship but the reasons given above are generally the most common.


Every career professional is continually looking for ways in which they can make progress in their career. For most people, the biggest reason for this continual improvement is the bump in the salary that they receive. One of the greenest pastures that is available to them is the Machine Learning field. However in order to get into this field, you need to ensure that the company can see the competence that you have.

Due to the highly technical nature of the field, any expertise that can built has to be backed by practical application rather than just knowledge that can be gained through courses. Thus while Machine Learning Courses will have some value, a Machine Learning Internship is considered to be much better since it means that the person has some practical experience in solving Machine Learning Problems.