Machine Learning @ Federal Bank

A hands-on skill building program for senior managers

Faculty: Sujit Bhattacharyya Language: English

Machine Learning workshop @ Federal bank

Top management and leadership teams in largest of corporations including the executive and independent board members are soiling their hands again and opening up their minds yet again through workshops, bootcamps, learning retreats to reskill themselves first.

Here is the latest update from our world.

Federal Bank that is already known, among Indian banks, as active in initiatives and experiments such as blockchain, RPA etc continues her journey.

Sujit Bhattacharyya, CTO and ML Guru conducted a session at the corporate headquarters of Federal Bank. Participants included Chairman Dilip Sadarangani, CEO Shyam Srinivasan, COO Shalini, other board members as well as the top rung of bank leadership.

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