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UUPSC Prelims 2020 is scheduled to be conducted on October 4th, 2020. With just about 2 months to go for the exam, the most frequently asked question from the aspirant is “How to prepare for UPSC 2020 Prelims in 2 months”!

It is often said that a year-long of your rigorous preparation will get assessed in about 4 hours of the exam during Prelims. Hence, it is important to utilize the final 9 weeks before the exam extremely strategically to ace the upcoming exam. In this article, we will present to you week by week revision strategy to ace UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2020!

2 Month Strategy For UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2020

Here is the week-by-week preparation strategy for the final revision for UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2020:

Week 1 (02nd August to 08th August)

Current Affairs: July 2020 + June 2020

Polity Revision: CL’s NCERT Compilation of Polity + Laxmikanth

Week 2 (09th August to 15th August)

Current Affairs: May 2020 + April 2020

History Revision: CL’s NCERT Compilation of History + Spectrum 

Week 3 (16th August to 22nd August)

Current Affairs: March 2020 + February 2020

History Revision: Ancient/Medieval India (Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania)

Week 4 (23rd August to 29th August)

Current Affairs: January 2020 + December 2019

Geography Revision: CL’s NCERT Compilation of Geography + GC Leong + Map Practice with CLs Map Course

Week 5 ( 30th August to 05th September)

Current Affairs: August 2020 + November 2019

Economy Revision: CL’s NCERT Compilation + Shankar Ganesh + CL’s Budget/Economic Survey 

Week 6 (06th September to 12th September)

Current Affairs: October 2019 + September 2019

Environment Revision: Biology NCERT Class 12th (Last 4 Chapters) + Shankar IAS Environment Book

Week 7 (13th September to 19th September)

Current Affairs: August 2019 + July 2019

Science n Tech Revision: Revise all current affairs related to Science n Tech 

Week 8 (20th September to 26th September)

Current Affairs: June 2019

CSAT Paper Revision: Revise all short tricks and concepts. Focus on giving CSAT mocks. 

Week 9 ( 27th September to 03rd October)

Full-length Mock Test (GS-1 + CSAT)

Note: All the NCERT compilations are uploaded on the CL’s Telegram channel (cl_civils)

Final Tips For UPSC Prelims 2020

It is always during the last one or two months of the preparation that we need strategic guidance the most. Let’s look at the final tips for UPSC Prelims 2020:

#1 Focus on Prelims

With just 2 months to the exam, it is important to mention that focus your approach towards the preparation of prelims now! You no longer need to include answer-writing in your study sessions. You should also do away with reading from the mains point-of-view. Revise and consume information from an extremely objective point of view.

#2 Mock Tests

Give regular mock tests as it will habituate you for attempting the exam with ease on the final day. Try and sit for mock tests usually around the same time! After you’re done with the mock test, take a break, and then analyze your mistakes, learn from them, and get to your daily schedule of revision!

#3 CSAT Preparation

You should always keep in mind that you need to qualify CSAT in order to get your GS-I evaluated. Hence, if you’re weak in Maths, it’s time you should practice it regularly and consistently. Keep a small copy for writing short tricks in order to revise it in the final week.

#4 Reduce Distraction & Be Focused

Do not consume irrelevant news at this point in time especially pertaining to further delay in the examination. It will only disturb your preparation and efficiency. So, be extremely mindful of what you watch and what you browse over the web! Reduce distractions in terms of talking time with friends and be extremely focused!

5 Stay Fit

Eat mindfully, avoid junk as much as possible, as it will make you a little drowsy and lazy! Have a proper 8 hours of sleep or 6 hours of sleep with small naps in between your study sessions. It will keep you energized and motivated.

Give it your best shot and you shall surely succeed! Best wishes from Career Launcher to all the UPSC Civil Services 2020 aspirants, may you achieve what you strived-for for so long!

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