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UPSC Mains is the second stage exam in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Consisting of a total of 9 papers, UPSC Mains is held at a stretch of 3-4 days. UPSC Mains Exam is an extremely important stage in the schema of Civil Services Examination as it plays a huge role in determining the final selection. UPSC Mains exam gives a fresh start to all the aspirants. The score of Prelims is not added to the final score. Hence, your performance in UPSC Mains Exam and Personality Test would determine your final selection.

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Schedule for UPSC Mains 2020

UPSC Mains is scheduled to be conducted from January 8th, 2021. Here is the full schedule of the UPSC Mains exam 2020:

Tentative Date/Day Forenoon Session 9.00 A.M. to 12.00 Noon Afternoon Session 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
January 08, 2021 (Friday) Paper‐I Essay No Paper
January 09, 2021 (Saturday) Paper‐II General Studies‐I Paper‐III General Studies‐II
January 10, 2020 (Sunday) Paper‐IV General Studies‐III Paper‐V General Studies‐IV
January 16, 2021 (Saturday) Paper‐A Indian Language  Paper‐B English
January 17, 2021 (Sunday) Paper VI: Optional Paper-1 Paper VII: Optional Paper-2

Important Articles for UPSC Mains Exam

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These articles will give you a peek into all the information that you need for UPSC Mains Exam. In order to ace this exam, you should be well informed about all the aspects of this exam. Read these carefully in order to apprise yourself of all the details of this exam. You can reach out to us for any query! Further, Career Launcher brings to you a comprehensive online course for UPSC CSE preparation that is sure to build a strong foundation. Check out the entire course range here. You can also get in touch with our course counselors to get more information on the course deliverables.

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