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Candidates preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination should always glance through the UPSC previous year question papers in order to apprise themselves of the type of questions that are asked in the exam. It is only when you know WHAT is asked in the exam can you prepare for the exam effectively. Hence, it establishes the importance that previous year papers serve in the UPSC preparation journey.  

In this article, we have listed the previous year papers of the last six years (2014-2019) of both UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains. You just need to click on the mentioned link to download the paper. We have also discussed the importance of UPSC previous year question papers in the Civil Services preparation below.  

List of UPSC Previous Year Question Papers For Prelims & Mains

Click on the link to get the previous year question paper of concerned year from the list mentioned below: 

Why Should You Solve The Previous Year UPSC Civil Services Paper?

Coming to the relevance of solving the previous year papers of UPSC Civil Services exams, here are some of the reasons that stress on the importance of PYQs:

To understand the type of questions asked

Glancing through the UPSC previous year question papers right at the beginning of UPSC preparation will allow the candidates to assess the type of questions that are asked.This will help you in gauging the relevance of any news piece or information strictly from the exam point of view. You’ll be able to segregate the pool of information on the basis of its relevance. It will also help you in scanning through large information and filter out the relevant one from where the question may be asked. 


To understand the importance of a specific topic

UUPSC Previous year questions also tell a bit about the importance of specific topics. There are many topics in the syllabus. However, some topics are more important than others. So, in the classroom programs when our experts tell you about the important topics, their source of information is always the previous year’s papers. Hence, if you’re preparing without any expert guidance or coaching, it is important that you read the previous year’s papers thoroughly to get that idea. It will help you filter out the syllabus. 


To determine the priority of the subjects

Now, what we mentioned about the topics stands true for the subjects as well. For example, in General Studies-I paper of UPSC prelims, the syllabus mentions all the basic subjects. But does that mean all of them will have equal weightage? NO! The weightage of all the subjects is not equal. You can check the analysis of Prelims for the years 2017 and 2018 on the mentioned links. Now, you’ll notice that the certain subjects are more important than others from the Prelims point of view. It can be different for the Mains papers, hence, an insight into UPSC previous year question papers will uncover these important insights that will effectively boost your preparation.  


To understand how to answer the questions in Mains

One of the most effective ways to start practicing answer-writing is to glance through toppers’ copy of answers. This will further require you to check the UPSC previous year questions asked in the paper and the answers provided by the toppers’. ’. Such analysis as to what to include your answers can only be done via solving previous year papers thoroughly. 

At Career Launcher UPSC classes, our experts highly recommend solving UPSC previous year questions for effective preparation for the exam. Our experts also share their insightful analysis with the students that help them in preparing for the exam really effectively. However, looking at the importance of previous year papers, we shared the relevance of it with you all so that every UPSC aspirant can be benefited from it. 

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