MBA Beginner’s Guide: Your first step towards a rewarding career

MBA brings to you a basket of opportunities that take you to positions of high responsibilities at top corporates. Embarking on this journey of cracking an MBA entrance exam requires you to select a target and prepare accordingly.

When someone says, "Go for this degree specialization because it has a high scope, "or "Do not run after what you want to become, run after whoever pays most," ignore them. Listen to what your gut says. People will not conduct interventions for you in the future. You will do that for yourself. These statements are fragments of "Career Myths." People who readily provide their opinion without even realizing that it does not make sense ignore that career choice is a personal decision and one wrong advice can make you suffer for all the coming years. Also, there is no direct connection between your salary and your "will" to succeed in your career.

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MBA Beginner’s Guide: The Miracle of an MBA Degree

Many of the current population strongly believes that an MBA degree will secure their future. Again, though being completely subjective, obtaining an MBA degree is worth the hype. There are numerous facts and figures which can back the beliefs of thousands of students who wish to enroll in an MBA program. The main benefits a student can look forward to if they decide to go with an MBA program are stated as under:

    Opening Doors to Employment

  • An MBA degree can make you eligible for more sought-after job roles than a bachelor's, which means that you can see yourself as a valuable addition to any corporate firm in terms of domain-specific industry knowledge. While a bachelor's degree helps you attain entry-level positions within an organization, pursuing an MBA can get you junior managerial or mid managerial positions in any organization without any work experience.
  • Job Security

  • An MBA degree can give you the job security you need. A student who has pursued an MBA degree is retained in the organization for a more extended period than someone who has pursued a bachelor's degree. It means that companies are more likely to fire a graduate than a postgraduate during cost-cutting or loss incurrences. An MBA degree cuts down the risk of losing your job by significant numbers. Some US Census bureau statistics display that the unemployment rate for post graduates is 3.5%, and bachelor's degree holders are 4.5%. The statistics are somewhat the same worldwide.
  • Migrating to a different occupation

  • Your MBA need not be in semblance with your graduation. If you are working at present and are not happy or content with your current job, you can go for a master's in a preferred specialization which means that you can change your entire career objective with a single bow. You should not feel chained or fettered to your present-day occupation. Run the risk of going against the crowd and pursuing something new to gain a different perspective and skill set altogether.

MBA Beginner’s Guide: Purpose of an MBA Degree

Masters of Business Administration would help you extend your career prospects in India and abroad. This program is widely accepted by recruiters and can introduce you to a significant number of managerial positions directly and teach you how to lead a successful business at the same time. Business education has evolved over the decades and always stays industry-specific, innovative, and strategic. The epitome of MBA buzz is its "free-spirited" nature. Students hailing from any background, say Science, Humanities, Commerce arts, etc., can pursue an MBA.

Many B-Schools within India offer a PGDM degree instead of an MBA.  Candidates prefer to go for a full-time MBA or PGDM because of classroom lectures, practical projects, internships, and placement drives. If you are a graduate and do not have any significant job experience, this is what you should aim for. However, suppose you are a working professional with more than five years of experience across a steady sector. In that case, an executive MBA is an ideal degree that would increase your management acumen. If you wish to study online without the hassle of attending college regularly and do not wish to compromise with your work, you can smoothly go for a distance MBA.

MBA Beginner’s Guide: Five Opportunities after MBA You Wouldn't Want to Miss.

The globally expanding business sector provides abundant, skilled, and capable MBA graduates with diverse backgrounds. This sector's purview includes many career opportunities due to the demand for competent managers who can deal with the business sector's complications in the years to come. Here is a compiled list of options you can avail post MBA:

  • Moving up the Career Ladder: An MBA degree can contribute to your career trajectory by enhancing your business acumen. Pursuing an MBA will add useful skills to your rucksacks necessary to survive in the management world such as Total Quality Management, Leadership skills, Organizational Behavior and Strategic Thinking. It will make you eligible for management-level positions directly or for IJPs (Internal Job Postings) within the organization.
  • Broadening your networking circle: MBA can help you in peer-to-peer networking in several ways. You can meet many people who will be either your lecturers, industry experts, seminar speakers, and students from every nook and corner of the world. Also, B schools sponsor various events such as panels, fests, and mixers where you can even meet delegates from a different university or your future recruiters. They will give a brief apprentice about how it feels to work with their organization. Hence, you will be able to make your way into these people's good books and eventually increase your chances of clearing the personal interview round towards the end of your MBA.
  • Understanding different functional areas of management: An MBA will amp up your skill set and how central departments function within any corporate organization. It will teach you the necessary corporal governance you would need while migrating to a different domain or a new industry. E.g., Migrating to the migrating sector from the pharma sector requires you to speed with the knowledge of marketing tools like SEO, SEM, AEM, etc., and a different way of thinking about the department. An MBA student can bridge these gaps without hesitation, which means that he can adapt to any organization without any additional training. It gives weightage to your existing resume and makes it more robust than your non-MBA counterparts.
  • Traveling to an entirely new place: If you love traveling, pursuing an MBA degree can prove to be a boon for you. Just living in a new location for some time can help you get the hang of city functions, which means that you can be in touch with different companies at the same time, schedule interviews, arrange meetings and enjoy the advantage of the ease of accessibility. That's why most students choose their b-schools according to their preferred location. If you wish to move to a new country altogether, you must be well versed with the immigration rules and visa guidelines. Some MBA institutes are ranked based on "international mobility" which means the percentage or number of candidates who did not return to their country but ended up working in the country where they pursued MBA.
  • Increase in Salary Packages: If you are a working professional, an MBA from a top b-school in India can provide a measurable hike in the salary (around 50-70%). However, even candidates with the necessary knowledge and required skill set brag stellar packages after pursuing an MBA. The main metrics to judge a good MBA program is the NIRF Ranking, accreditations and recognitions, and reliable testimonials of the B-School that accommodates the program.


Hammering the last nail, you should choose a career that will make you happy from within. Loving what you do is way more important than going with the popular beliefs regarding career advancements. Success and Happiness need to go hand in hand. If you enjoy what you do, it will drop you a line to learn more about your work and how to be productive in the workplace. Happiness is the central idea behind any handwork. It breeds concentration, creativity, and contentment. If you have a mentality cognitive to success, no one can stop you from achieving your ambition, and that is precisely when you will succeed in your career

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