Detailed Exam Analysis - (23rd May 2023)

Section I: English


The English paper for CUET (UG) 2023, Day 3 (shift 1), was comparatively on the easy to moderate line. Mostly the students rated the paper to be moderate, which is slightly different from the earlier (2) days when students rated the English paper to be easy.

There were 15 questions based on reading comprehension (3 passages - 5 questions each). One passage was on Raja Ram Mohan Roy, and the other one was related to the Internet. Students found the passage to be moderate to comprehend. The questions were direct, but the options were very close and a bit confusing. 

Other major topics in English were Identifying the parts of speech (Verbs, adjectives) in a sentence - there were 3-4 questions, Para jumbles (3-4 questions), and Synonyms & Antonyms (like outstanding, regeneration). A few questions on Sentence Correction, Spelling Error, Indirect speech, Active-passive, Fill in the blanks, One Word Substitution, were also asked. The English paper more or less tested one's knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. Overall, the experience of the paper was moderate.


The English paper for CUET (UG) 2023, Day 3 (shift 2), was comparatively on the easier line compared to the first shift of the day. Mostly the students rated the paper to be easy.

There were 3 Reading Comprehension, and all of them were passages. 5 questions each were asked from the passages. Students found the passage to be easy to comprehend. The questions were directly from the passage and were easy to answer.

Other major topics in English were - Synonyms & Antonyms, Para jumbles, Identifying the parts of speech (in a sentence), Spotting errors (Sentence & spelling), Fill in the blanks, etc.

Section I: Hindi


Similar to English, the Hindi paper on Day 3 (shift 2) was easy too. Students were very much happy by seeing the question paper which was pretty simple and straightforward.

There were 2 Reading Comprehension extracts, one was a passage and the other one was a poem. Questions like who is the author and the meaning of a sentence were asked. Overall the extracts were easy to comprehend and the questions were pretty easy and direct.

Other major topics in Hindi were - Match the following (opposite words & meanings), Antonyms & Synonyms, Paragraphs from text and questions from it, etc.

Section II: Domain Subject

Humanities: SHIFT - 1


Students rated the history paper of Day 3 (shift 1) to be easy. It was easier than the Career Launcher Mocks and some questions were directly from there. Some important topics from where questions came were - 

There were 2 Case studies (Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement, Civil Disobedience and Beyond) containing 5 questions each. Questions were asked from the passage directly and they were fact-based and easy.

Other topics covered were Bricks, Beads, and Bones: The Harappan Civilisation (Canals, Authors, excavations), Kings and Chronicles The Mughal Courts, Colonialism and the Countryside: Exploring Official Archives (Release dates, Chronological orders, Location), Through the Eyes of Travellers Perceptions of Society (match the following), etc.

Political Science

The student's experience with the Political Science paper on Day 3 (shift 1) was mostly easy. Questions were mostly based on topics such as -

There were 2-3 questions each from topics such as The End of Bipolarity, US Hegemony in World Politics, International Organizations, Regional Aspirations (RTI, Chipku movement, Match the following), Politics of Planned Development (5 Year plan), Environment and Natural Resources, Globalization, Crisis of the Democratic order, etc.

Science: SHIFT - 3


From various inputs received from the students who appeared in the test, the physics paper has been rated as moderate by most of them. The difficulty level of the questions was similar to that of Days 1 & 2. Questions from various topics in physics were as mentioned below:


Day 3 - shift 3 experience of the students for the Chemistry paper has been similar to that of days 1 & 2 but on an easier side. Students shared that the questions were directly from the NCERT book and were easy on the difficulty level. Questions from various topics in Chemistry are mentioned below:

Other important topics in Physics from which questions came were - Chemical Kinetics, electrochemistry, Biomolecules (Glucose ), etc.


Physics & Chemistry, and Maths, all three papers were scheduled on Day 3 (shift 3). Similar to yesterday, the student's common experience with the questions was easy and the extra time (15 mins) was very crucial. Questions from various topics in Mathematics were as mentioned below:

Section A

Section B1

Overall the student’s Day 3 exam experience has been more or less easy to moderate. Thankfully, we are yet to come across any day or shift where students had any tough experiences. Most importantly, this time around there has not been any reported incident of technical glitches, which caused a great sense of inconvenience in the previous edition of CUET.

Students are advised to continue their preparation as you never know how the next day or shift is going to be. Remain calm and stay focused!

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, and scores is based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL mentors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken based on this information.

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Team CUET (CL)!

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