CUET 2023 Exam Analysis - (27th May 2023)

Section I: English


The English paper for CUET (UG) 2023, Day 7 (shift 3), followed the trend of the earlier days and the students found the paper to be easy. The questions were very much similar to the Career Launcher Mocks.

15 questions were there from reading comprehension. 2 extracts were passages and 1 was an extract from a poem, they had 5 questions each. The passages were easy to comprehend and the questions were direct. However, the options were very close and one needed to make smart and accurate choices.

Other important topics included:

Some other crucial topics from which questions came were - Foreign words, Exclamatory sentence conversion, etc.

Section II: Domain Subject

Humanities: SHIFT - 1

Legal Studies

The legal studies exam was scheduled on Day 7 - shift 1. According to various students, it was easy in difficulty level (easier than yesterday). The questions were based on the NCERT test book only. Questions from various topics were as follows:

There were some questions on Legal Maxims as well, from topics like - Legal Service authority act amendment, Legal Maxims - Ex Post Facto, National Women Commission year, Source of law, Sales of Goods Act, Impeachment, etc.

Science: SHIFT - 3


From various inputs received from the students who appeared in the test, the physics paper has been rated as moderate by most of them. The difficulty level of the questions was more or less similar to the previous exam days. Questions from various topics in physics were as mentioned below:

Other important topics from which questions came were - Electrostatics, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, Dual nature of matter and radiation, Electronic devices, etc.


Chemistry paper on Day 7 - shift 3 experience of the students has been similar to that of days 1 & 2 but on an easier side. Students shared that the questions were directly from the NCERT book and were moderate on the difficulty level. Questions from various topics in Chemistry are mentioned below:

Questions also came from other significant topics, like Chemical Kinetics (half-life), P Block Elements, Solid State, etc. 


The Biology paper on day 7 - shift 3 has been rated as easy by most of the test takers. Reportedly the questions were more or less directly from the NCERT book and similar to the Career Launcher Mocks. Questions from various topics in Biology were as mentioned below:

Some important topics from where questions came majorly are - 

A few questions were directly on -

Section III: General Test


What can be concluded from the inputs received from several students, is that the GT paper on Day 7 (shift 1) was on the easier lines. Questions were based on various topics such as Mathematics & Statistics, General Awareness, Discovery & Invention, Logic & Reasoning, and Sports.

The GT paper was very similar to Career Launcher Mocks with questions from elementary mathematics (approximately 12-15), the reasoning part had questions from calender and direction, (15-20 questions) from General Awareness (5-6 questions) from Geography, (2-3 questions) each from economics, History & Science, (1-2 questions) each from Discovery & Invention, and Sports.

To give more brief and specific details regarding the types of questions asked in GT, it was an easy, but slightly tricky question.

The broad topics are as follows:

Overall the student’s Day 7 (shifts 1, 2, & 3) exam experience has been more or less easy to moderate only. As of now, students are yet to come across any day or shift where they had any tough or similar experience.

Still, students are advised to continue their preparation as you never know how the next day or shift is going to be. Remain calm and stay focused!

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, and scores is based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL mentors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken based on this information.

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CUET 2023 Exam Analysis

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