About IELTS Academic Classroom Coaching Classes

Enrolling in IELTS Academic - Classroom Coaching Classes at Career Launcher is like being part of a team sport. You get to collaborate with others while exploring the study materials deeply under the guidance of an expert instructor. The classes are designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience that covers all the four core modules of the IELTS Academic exam - Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.

Five Week Program

The duration of the IELTS Academic - Classroom Coaching program is five weeks. The first four weeks are dedicated to studying the core modules. In the final week, students are given the opportunity to put their learning into practice through mock analysis sessions.

  • Experience a well-rounded preparation with our qualified instructors, providing you with 30 hours of engaging classroom lectures.
  • Practice extensively with more 700+ practice questions, covering all sections of the exam.
  • Receive exposure to different question types and identify your areas of weakness.

Why Choose CL's IELTS Academic Classroom Coaching?

Career Launcher's IELTS Academic - Classroom Coaching program stands out for the originality of the ideas that went into its creation. After conducting extensive research on the struggles of aspiring IELTS Academic students, we conducted brainstorming sessions to tackle the issue they faced, like the absence of individualized attention and difficulty in keeping pace with the training. Going beyond merely introducing students to the IELTS Academic exam and its format, our rigorous classroom coaching program equips our students with the essential tools they need to prepare for success.

Features and Benefits

Experience Extensive Training for Optimum Learning

35+ hours of classroom lectures (Reading, Writing, Speaking, & Listening)

Learn from the Best of
the Best

At Career Launcher, every faculty member goes through a rigorous training program. The classroom delivery is standardized at all our centers across the country. Our faculty team explains, encourages, and inspires - always!

Well-curated Books & 700+ Practice Questions

A set of six IELTS Academic books with concept-based learning and more than 700 practice questions to improve learning and retention will help you ace your IELTS Academic test.

Get One-to-One Speaking Interview Prep

With our one-to-one approach, you'll have the opportunity to practice your speaking skills in a supportive and low-pressure environment and get the targeted feedback you need to succeed on exam day.

Resolve your Queries on Telegram

Need quick answers outside the class? Join our group of motivated learners and chat with our experts on Telegram. Get professional guidance and pave the way to improve your score.

Profile Analysis & Admission Counselling

Make a confident, well-informed decision on your study-abroad journey. Do not leave your future to chance - choose Profile Analysis & Admission Counselling and find the right program for you!

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Student Testimonials

Pratichi Dhar
Pratichi Dhar
IELTS Score: 7

Career Launcher stands out with its organized curriculum, ample practice materials, and beneficial mock tests that simulate exam conditions, boosting confidence and refining time management skills. My experience with my mentor, Rupa ma'am, exceeded my expectations. She cultivated a positive class environment, offering comprehensive and engaging lessons while demonstrating profound understanding of the exam structure and content. Moreover, the mock tests helped me build my confidence and refine my time management skills. I highly recommend CL for effective IELTS preparation; the personalized feedback sessions, tailored teaching approach, and quality instruction make it a top choice.

Sriya Srinivasa
Sriya Srinivasa
IELTS Score: 7.5

In my opinion, I found the IELTS course effective as it really catered me towards understanding the nuances and technicality of the test pattern. Each lesson we would practice exam papers for each component. Moreover, there were one-on-one feedback sessions quite often, allowing us to rectify accordingly. Subsequently, this boosted my confidence to face the exam having gained adequate and required skills. Thus, efficient IELTS scores were translated overall.

Aman Gupta
IELTS Band Score: 7

Overall good experience, more can be told about techniques and question handling

IELTS Band Score: 8

My experience with the classes: The classes were very beneficial to me, as they helped a lot in better understanding the format of the tests. As well as finding comfortability with the questions and planning my answers. Having more than one student in the session helped me get a broader view of how other individuals might tackle the exam. It was also a nice experience having people from different areas.

Ishaan Jain
IELTS Band Score: 8

The ielts coaching provided by Career Launcher was beneficial and the teacher was also great. I understood whatever she was teaching and few of her tips were really helpful to me.

IELTS Preparation Course


IELTS Academic - Classroom Comprehensive
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  • 40+ hours of Classroom Lectures - R, W, L, S
  • Online Practice Module - 700+ Practice Qs.
  • Hardcopy Study Material - Set of 6 Books
  • One-to-One Speaking Interview Preparation
  • Doubt Clearing via Dedicated Telegram group
  • Profile Analysis & Admission Counselling

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