TISSNET 2020 Exam Analysis, Score Calculator & Memory Based Question Paper

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The TISSNET 2020 paper didn't throw much of a challenge. The entire QA section was a sitter and one could have solved all the questions. The questions were direct, wherein one could have just put the formulas and could have got to the answers.

The English Proficiency & Language Skills section was slightly tough purely because of the level of difficulty of the vocabulary, especially in the Synonym & Antonym questions.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation had extremely easy sets and one could have solved them without breaking a sweat. The number of questions on Current Affairs in the GK section was low.

The additional paper on TISSMAT was also mostly easy. The questions in the Comprehension section were level-1 RCs, the Interpretation section was about Level-1 DI. The Business GK section had questions that could have stumped a lot of people.

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Pratham Garg Heyyy Guys,
With CAT around the corner, help your friends clear the common misconceptions about it with the video by students of IIM Rohtak

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TISSNET 2020 Exam Analysis

The TISSNET 2020 is different from the TISSNET Exams held before this owing to the introduction of the TISSMAT Exam. However TISSNET, in itself, remains in 2020 and candidates need to clear it in order to be eligible for the following processes. The combined Exam Pattern for TISSNET 2020 and TISSMAT 2020 is given below:

Sections Number of Questions Time Limit
General Awareness 40 -
Language Skills 30 -
Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and DI 30 -
Paper 1 100 100 minutes
Comprehension 15 -
Management Data Interpretation 15 -
Business Awareness 15 -
Paper 2 45 30 minutes

It will be helpful for candidates to have a look at the previous years’ TISSNET Analysis so that they have an idea about the kind of score that would be needed in order to qualify for the next round of the TISS Admission process.

TISSNET 2019 Analysis

TISSNET did not break its trend and GK continued to be the most difficult section of the paper. About 22-24 questions were from static GK and the remaining questions were from Economy and Current Affairs. The English Proficiency & Language skills and Mathematical Reasoning & Quantitative Abilities section were seemingly simple and the scoring sections of the paper.

Overall, the paper was on similar lines as TISSNET 2018.

Category TISSNET Cut Off
General 75
SC/ST 59

*The cut-offs mentioned are for HRM program at the Mumbai campus..

TISSNET 2018 Analysis

There was no change in the paper pattern. The General Knowledge section continued to be the game-changing section. In addition, the difficulty level was higher as compared to the previous year. The English section consisted of two RC passages instead of one. Overall, the level of difficulty was higher than TISSNET 2017. As a result, the cut off in 2018 dropped by 8 marks from 82 in 2017.

Category TISSNET Cut Off
General 74

OBC 67



*The cut-offs mentioned are for HRM program at the Mumbai campus.


The paper pattern was same as TISSNET 2016. The level of difficulty of the English section was slightly easier in comparison to TISSNET 2016. For the other two sections the level of difficulty remained the same as the previous year.

Category TISSNET Cut Off
General 82
OBC 73
SC/ST 70

*The cut-offs mentioned are for HRM program at the Mumbai campus.


In 2016, the pattern of TISSNET was changed just a few days before the exam.

Questions in the General Awareness section were increased from 30 to 40.

Questions in the Mathematical and Logical Reasoning section were reduced from 35 to 30.

The total questions were increased from 95 to 100.

This simply meant that more importance was given to the general awareness of the candidate from this year.

Category TISSNET Cut Off
General 82

OBC 73



*The cut-offs mentioned are for HRM program at the Mumbai campus.

The overall difficulty of the test was slightly higher than last year, mostly due to the higher number of GA questions.


The test of 2015 was on expected lines and the difficulty level and the pattern was the same as 2014.

Section No. of questions Marks/Q Total Marks
General Awareness 30 1 30
Mathematics and Logical Reasoning 35 1 35
English Proficiency 30 1 30
Total 95 - 95
Category TISSNET Cut Off
General 76
OBC 64
SC/ST 60

*The cut-offs mentioned are for HRM program at the Mumbai campus.

TISSNET 2020 Syllabus

The level of difficulty of TISSNET is easy to moderate. Among the three sections in the paper, the general awareness section is considered most difficult. It also carries the highest weightage of 40%. Although there is no defined syllabus for TISSNET, we have listed down the relevant topics that you should cover basis the last few years' TISSNET papers.

Section 1: General Awareness

The General Awareness section consists of 40 questions. Each question carries one mark. To prepare for this section you need to cover a wide array of topics. There are questions in this section from both static GK and current affairs. We have listed down areas from which questions appear in the TISSNET exam.

Section 2: Language Skills

There are 30 questions in this section. Each question carries one mark. The level of difficulty of this section is easy to moderate. If you are comfortable with the basic rules of grammar and have a good vocabulary, with some practice you should be able to do well in this section. The areas covered here include Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. There are at most 2 RC passages with roughly 4 questions per passage. The majority of questions are asked from Verbal Ability.

Section 3: Logical reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

This section has 30 questions and the level of difficulty is easy-moderate. There are around two straight sets of DI in this section with three to four questions each. Speed is an important factor in performing well in this section as there is roughly one minute available to solve each question.

Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation

Quantitative Aptitude

TISSMAT 2020 Syllabus

It is extremely important for the candidates to have an idea about the TISSMAT 2020 Syllabus when they go for the exam. The fact that it is going to be held for the 1st time only makes it more important for candidates to walk into the exam knowing what to expect. The different sections of the TISSMAT 2020 Exam are given below:

Comprehension Section: TISSMAT 2020 Syllabus

In TISSMAT 2020, the Comprehension section tests the candidate on their ability to assess and imbibe management literature. This makes it quite similar to the Reading Comprehension section of other MBA Entrance exams. The only difference is that the genre of the passages is more restricted as they have to be related to Management.

Management Data Interpretation Section: TISSMAT 2020 Syllabus

The Management Data Interpretation section is quite similar to Data Interpretation and consists of datasets related to the economy, markets, business and organization. The datasets can be in the form of graphs, charts and data across multiple sources.

Business Awareness Section: TISSMAT 2020 Syllabus

This is another type of general awareness section except the candidate is tested only on the business news rather than all contemporary news. According to the TISS Official website, the most important part of the business awareness section includes the economy, human resource management, business news, and labor studies. This is an indicative list given by TISS and should not be taken as the extensive portion.

TISSNET 2020 Eligibility Criteria

Go through the previous year TISSNET exam analysis to be prepared for surprises