CUET 2023 Exam Analysis - (31st May 2023)

Section II: Domain Subject



Students who appeared for the Geography paper on day 11, had mixed feelings about the test. According to the feedback received from the students, there were approximately 20-25 easy questions, 9-10 moderate questions, and 7-8 questions were tough. Overall the paper was rated as easy to moderate in difficulty level. A few important topics from where questions came were -

The were a few questions from topics like - Mineral and Energy Resources(Nuclear energy incidents), Primary activities (Climate type question), Secondary activities (Footloose industry, Case study - Iron and Steel Industry), Planning and sustainable development (Case study: Iron and Steel Industry - Bharmour Travel region), Transport  (Waterways, Road development authority, Panama canal length, African continent road, and city status), etc.

Political Science

Students were very much satisfied with their experience and performance in the Political Science paper. Student’s rated the paper to be easy on the difficulty level. Interestingly, there were many similar questions from previous years’ exams & the Career Launcher Mocks too. The questions were broadly from -

There were also a few questions on topics like - The End of bipolarity, Alternative centers of Power, Security in the Contemporary World (Human security, Assertion, and reasoning question was there, global security), Globalization (Globalization is a multi-dimensional concept - Statement 1 and statement 2 type question), Era of One-Party Dominance (Reason based question, First general election), India’s External Relations (When did India conduct their first nuclear test), Crisis of the Democratic Order (Emergency article for censorship), Rise of Popular Movements (Chipko movements, When were Dalit panthers formed), Regional Aspirations, Recent Developments in Indian Politics (Article 370), India Security Policy Passage, Emergency Passage(Gujarat System), Agenda 21, K. Kamaraj Plan, Total Revolution leader, Arrack movement, Nuclear Supply group full form, Mandal Commission, etc.


History was another Humanities subject that was scheduled for Day 11. Students rated the paper as easy in difficulty level. The questions were easier than the Career Launcher mocks. A few important topics from where questions came were -

A few questions were also from topics like - Colonialism and the Countryside: Exploring Official Archives (Deccan Revolt), Understanding Partition Politics, Memories, Experiences (Hindu Mahasabha was formed in which year), Buddha symbols, Indian National session, Purn Swaraj questions, Akbar and regime related question, land grant, etc.


Business Studies

From the various inputs received from the Business Studies test takers on day 11, the paper was easy. This is no different from the experience of the students from earlier exam days. Questions from various topics in physics were as mentioned below:

There were also a few questions from topics such as - Nature and Significance of Management (Management as an art-science), Principles of Management, Planning, Financial Markets, etc.


Students who appeared in the test on day 11 for Accountancy, rated the paper to be easy in difficulty level. According to inputs received, questions were easy and from the NCERT book only, but the options given were close & tricky. Questions from various topics were as follows -

According to the student's feedback, there were approximately 18-20 numerical based questions.


Likewise the previous day, among the three Commerce stream subjects scheduled for day 11, Economics was rated as higher in difficulty level. Students who appeared in the test rated it as to be easy to moderate. Questions were mostly NCERT based and similar to the Career Launcher Mocks. Questions from different topics were as follows -

Overall the student’s Day 11 (shifts 1, 2, & 3) exam experience has been more or less easy to moderate only. Students are advised to continue their preparation as you never know how the next day or shift is going to be.

Remain calm and stay focused!

Disclaimer: All information on cut-offs, analysis, and scores is based on independent analysis and evaluation made by CL mentors. We do not take responsibility for any decision that might be taken based on this information.

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CUET 2023 Exam Analysis

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