CUET 2023 Exam Analysis - (1st June 2023)

Section I: Language


On day 12, the English paper followed the trend of the initial exam days. According to the students, the paper was easy in the difficulty level. The questions were straightforward, but the options were a bit tricky.

There were 3 extracts given for Reading Comprehension, 2 were passages (Health-related, A kid moving to an urban city) and one was an extract from a poem. 5 questions each were asked from the extracts. Other major topics from where questions came were -

A few questions were asked from topics such as - Idioms and Phrases, Indirect speech (Convert), etc.


Business Studies

According to the feedback received from students, the Business Studies paper on day 12 was easy. This is no different from the experience of the students on the previous day. Questions from various topics in physics were as mentioned below:

Organizing: 3-4 questions


Test takers who appeared in the test on day 12 for Accountancy, rated the paper to be easy in difficulty level. According to various student feedback, questions were easy and from the NCERT book only, but the options given were close & tricky. Questions from various topics were as follows -

According to the student's feedback, there were approximately 60% numerical-based questions, and there were 2-3 case studies.


Economics was rated as higher in difficulty level among the three commerce stream subjects scheduled on day 12. Students who appeared in the test rated it as to be easy to moderate. Questions were mostly NCERT based and similar to the Career Launcher Mocks. Questions from different topics were as follows -

Section III: General Test

The General Test paper didn’t differ much from the trend set by the earlier exam days. The test takers rated the paper to be easy in difficulty level. Questions were a bit tricky which tested the knowledge and presence of mind of the students. On a broader scale, the questions were majorly from the following three topics -

General Awareness (15-16 questions)

Numerical Ability (20-22 questions)

CUET 2023 Exam Analysis

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